Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moose two

During my research, I found a easier way to get a moose. Put my name on a list. It was quite amusing because I had to select if I wanted different animals: bear, sheep, moose, and fish.

Well, it looked pretty complicated to hunt a moose. So, I learned that the department of fish and game has a road kill list. That means that if an animal was killed or hunted illeaglely, it will be distributed to the next family on the list. In Alaska, they even keep a Runnng total of those killed on the Glenn hwy.  however we never were called. We have been on the lat long enough to even have two phone number changes.

How would I get road kill fish? Ugh . Later I learned if the fish was caught illegally- without a license or in restricted waters- then the fish would be open to the list.

I had some friends talk about getting calls for animals, but over two years, silence. Until last night.

Full of thanks with James gone to the airport, my spontaneous friends agree to meet me at the roadside kill.

I quickly printed out the requirements from fish and game. But blindly knowing NOTHNG of what I was about to do, my heart raced. Throwing on my extra tuff boots and grabbing my youngest daughter, we left without even my jacket to the moose carcass. During the short drive I quickly called my moose loving friends if they could assist my stupidity. We found a flare and a dead moose on the right side of the road. On the other side parked an abandoned vechile no longer drive able.

I was expecting the troopers or someone to be at the scene. Nope. I pulled the car over trying to shed light on the scene. Full of eager anticipation and trembling at the site, my body felt cold.

Humbly, seven trucks and cars kept stopping to see if I needed help. Most thought that I hit the large animal. Another reason why I love living in a small town.

As I was about to recruit more assistance, the wells arrived and graced me with the fact, "We know how to handle a dead moose."

Rejoicing! They even brought lights, truck, rags, gloves, music, tarp, knives, and their current exchange student from Beligum. My thoughts kept racing and remembering just last week (Ruth and I were planning next years hunt. But we couldn't think of a way to haul a dead moose out of the woods).

Moose anyone?

What in the world? Yesterday was not what I expected. Thankfully, I was able to get into the dentist for an emergency appointment. I drove three times to Wasilla. But that wasn't the weird thing. The phone rings at 6:20 and it is the police department.

They quickly transfer me to someone who informs me that  have ten minutes to decide if I can pick up a recently killed moose. What??? My husband is needs to be driven to anchorage for his flight. I haven't packed for mine.

I decided to call my dear friends who had mentioned they would like moose if I ever got one.

You see two years ago, I wanted to be a hunter. I spent many hours researching this from how to field dress a recently killed game to how to get a permit. The story will need to be explained later... Must board the plane.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Yak

Life is not random.  Those who call Jesus as Lord, have a specific purpose.  I am thankful for the burden God has placed on my life to love others.

I was reading this morning about the Lord and how I need to be the branch from John 15. However, since Jesus is the vine and the Father is the vinedresser, I need to abide IN HIM to bear much fruit, for apart from HIM you can do nothing.  I love that.  And we are loved by Him.  Jesus later says in the same talk, "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."

It is not burdensome, it is as hard as it to be a branch.  The energy and love comes from God.  I just need to be available and filled with His love to love others well. I am still learning.

Thankfully, we have a neat place to show God's love is at The YAK.  Recently opened in this fall, it host a place for the youth to hangout.  It is a safe, fun environment that youth can come and connect with friends after school.  There is no membership we just want to engage youth through conversations and games so that they know they are loved.

I recently read that prior to the Yak, a girl wrote on a survey that she would just go home and be alone waiting for her parents to get off work.  Now, she has a place where she belongs.

Often, I am just a listener of the stickiness of high school life.  Sometimes, I can share the hope I have in Christ.  Other times, I beat someone in Connect 4.  Always, I can give of my time to share love and hope to others because God has loved me so much.

Thanks to Andy and all the people who dreamed to have a Youth Center.  Thanks to all those who gave money, time, and labor to make it stunning.  If you would like to support The Yak, you can by clicking here.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Run

Happy Run!

I am so thankful for the local business Active Soles in Palmer, Alaska.  I started out on the very first Happy Run, and I continue to run with them on Monday nights.  I loath road running, but to run with others and then have a chance to win fabulous prizes at the end.  It is the motivation I need.  Even the funny contest; knee high socks, wear red, Hawaiian theme, underwater run.  These "challenges" make running a bit of a game.  *love it*  Except now, we run in the dark.  We look like little fireflies.

Surprisingly, I have run into old high school classmates and into a variety of wonderful people.  It is a blessing to hear from both the young (some of my battle of the books kids from last year- to the elderly people who walk/job).  I love sitting around and chatting with new friends or old.  Just tonight, I spoke with a junior from Palmer High.

I have been prompted to invite people to MOPS and exchange phone numbers to connected with people for more outdoor adventures.

Tonight I got a teeshirt for my 10th run (it really is my 13 or 14th) but I didn't know about the cool online registry.

Thank you Lord for a fun way to run.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I am right!

What is your world view?  It means what makes the driving decisions for all conversations.  Do you want what the Lord wants as your priority or what you want?

I wrestle with so many things, but it was interesting hearing a lively conversation during football expressing the various views of wealth, capitalism, and ethics. Especially since, the Chicago Bears didn't bother to play today.  Go Green Bay.

While trying to discern a familiar verse on love found in 1 Corinthians 13:6, "it (love) does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth," I had no idea that my rudeness would be such a perfect example.  I knew that it is not good to rejoice in doing things that are bad, but what exactly is the activity of rejoicing in the truth.  

You see, as I was reaping a wonderful day with others, great teaching on a podcast, I ended up coming up stairs and within a minute, I was rude and not patient with my daughter and James.  However, walking 3 feet away, conviction came QUICKLY, and I apologized and ended up the rest of the night enjoying my family.   

just as a old cream can ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee, a little slip of a word can ruin a perfectly good day
The next day, I could see (with the help of my sunday school amazing women) that I rejoice in the conviction of the truth that pointed out my error and didn't allow me to stay spiteful or rude.   I can rejoice in the truth of God's word that wants me to be kind and patience with my words and not unbecomingly.  

I also agree that it is not the blatant rejoicing at wrongdoings (like yeah-I stole a car), but it could be the simple justifying my wrong attitude or making excuses.  (Thanks Juli).

Now, I need to go do some mail and not cry because it was 51 degrees here in Alaska tonight, and we are going down to a cold front in Texas.  Ugh! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Loud Quiet Time

Feeling extremely blessed today!  Today, Hannah and Max had an entire day writing conference in Anchorage.  I had earlier been asked to hike up something with my crazy buddy Annie.  However, since last nights laugh-o-party went late, my quiet time was squished.   I was a bit sad to have "missed" my time with Jesus.

God had different plans.  Often, I enjoy catching up with people during a run/hike/walk but this time I heard from the Lord.  It was a prayer that I prayed with Hannah on the car ride earlier.  I asked for wisdom to "Search me O'God and see if there be ANY wicked way."

As we plotted along the path, I had a Holy Spirit reminder of a specific conversation.  I knew exactly what I needed to do to make it right.  Thank you Lord!

Second, as we shared our lives (Annie & I), we revealed prayer requests.  At the top of the Mountain (unnamed) we PRAISED God.  We continued to the next ridge top and finding the new discovery...SNOW!  Our bright shiny blue sky became a dark, windy, snow storm coming over the top of the mountain range right toward us.

The pictures are just from the iphone and doesn't do it justice. But, it is a great metaphor of how darkness can engulf you all of a sudden.  We quickly put on layers and continued our trek up into the storm.  It felt like we were Denali Mountain Explorers facing 30 mph blizzard.  Quite Epic!

Third, we spent the time descending praying out loud and Annie singing.  It was a loud quiet time, but it was the best medicine of my soul.

I ended up later explaining to an elder person my job was to share to other about Jesus.  We had a neat conversation.  Then, as we drove home after the conference, I heard Timothy Keller sermon on "A World of Idols"  saying the gospel should change not just our inner being but also the way we relate to the outside world.  Everything changes when we follow Jesus.  Thank you for a God centered worldview.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ladies night

While the men at our church are enjoying a night of salad-less all meat BEAST FEAST.  Us ladies are going to do it in style with games and friends.

I can't believe that it has been months since school started and to stop and play a game with friends seems so long ago.  I remember this summer Christina and I figuring out a Agricola and playing it in the wee hours of the morning.

Well, tonight is our night.  I think all but one works teaching children.  Thankfully, Hannah gets to help being the favorite babysitter.  Max is going to the feast. Bronwyn gets to spend time with a friend.

Here's to waking up in the morning tomorrow for a 1/2 day writing workshop.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

When a Man Loves a Woman

Talking with a dear friend yesterday (who I hadn't seen in months).  I was sharing how I love God has used James in sharing the message on Sundays.  Yes, if you have read my blog regarding our courtship-I have liked hearing him preach even before we were dating.

Then there was a bit of a lull.  You see, when we were missionaries I would hear James preach and share about our ministry, but it was the same sermon for 9 months.  You see, when you visit different churches, he was able to share the same message.

However, now when we are apart of a local church, he gets about 5-7 opportunities to preach each year.  And it is new stuff every time.  

The last one that James did was part of a marriage emphasis week with a marriage conference thrown in the middle.  He sermon was full of grace and help explain to me verses that have been abused and misused by mean guys regarding submission in Ephesians.

You can listen to the sermon and watch the powerpoint in the following link.  The title is "When A Man Loves a Woman".  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Grief.  I don't know how it ever becomes easy.  Death stinks.  Grieving from afar is even worse.  It just doesn't seem real.  However, because of both a dear pastor dying and my Aunt Linda dying within hours of each other, death is super close.

“The death of a beloved is an amputation.” 
― C.S. LewisA Grief Observed

It takes me about two minutes on reading the "left behind" people to send me into a torrent of tears.  Recently I spent time reading about a dear friend who's spouse died of cancer.  His words are so real and pain so evident.  Walking through those milestone dates (birthdays that never increase, anniversary's alone).

Another family is also grieving their last days with their baby Gabe.  He has aggressive brain tumor and given only a few weeks to live.  I love what she says about this process, " It is difficult to grieve WITH people, but it is impossible to grieve alone."

So, grab a tissue, a come beside someone who is hurting and grieve together.  I am just so thankful that this is NOT the end.  We do have a living hope.  Death is conquered through Jesus.  He rose again proving that this is not the end.  It stinks for the ones who are still awaiting our time (those left behind).  But, I am thankful that I will be with my loving Savior for all eternity.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stinking Rich in November

I really can't believe my morning.  Arising before the sun (not too hard this time of year), James and I got to pray together.  A quick peak on Facebook, which I usually wait until after my Bible reading, revealed what was painting the skies-NORTHERN LIGHTS.  Thankful, I put a rug outside and we sat near each other and watched the dancing.  It wasn't as colorful, but active.  James saw a shooting star.

Talking with James about Max's 13th birthday, I just love this month.  He gets to celebrate right before Thanksgiving.

Reading about God's miracle of rising Lazarus from the dead (to show His glory), I am reminded of His empathy with hurting people before he chose to resurrect him, as he was moved with tears.  *I have a Aunt Linda who is soon to be with the Lord, a dear pastor friend Mr. Jim Eller who is near as well to his finishing on earth.

Then a quick No More Trouble Zone workout made my lungs happy not to be running in the cold as I am still fighting a cold.

A quick request from my daughter for a library book, I discovered...MY LIBRARIES MERGED!  YES, all of the books from Anchorage to Juneau to Willow to Sutton can all be hand delivered to PALMER PUBLIC LIBRARY.  I love going to Mat-Su college weekly to pick up my Anchorage books, but now, that I can swing by and pick up my books 2 miles away! Sweet!!!  That means that 800,000 books available for the Mat-Su borough just increased to 1.8 million~  Did I tell you I am rich.  Yes in spiritual things yesterday, now in books too!

*It also means, that the great Anchorage system of renewing books will be available online all the time.  Quick email notices when things are going to be due.  I love the Anchorage online system.  Now, it is here in Palmer, AK.

Wow! I better start school.

Monday, November 3, 2014


I am so thankful for the new sunday school class that Juli and I have.  It is a very simple format:  pray, check our verses, introduce the new verse, talk about the verse, prayer request, and pray.  It has been a great time to lay down our weekly burdens to one another.  

We have seen God answer prayer.  Which for me ignites even more prayers.  Our God answers prayers!  
It also is a great time for me to unwind and lift our voices in prayer before entering the sanctuary.  
One of the recent topics that we shared was regarding about how to handle boasting.  Because the verse we are memorizing is 1 Cor 13:4 "Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast"

I know how proud it is to be a parent but, we should boast in the Lord.  And when you have something to share about your child, make sure that you are eager to hear what others have going for their own child.  God has uniquely created these children, and we want to give the glory back to Him.  

So as I listened to the sermon on Ephesians 1, I wrote down the amazing gifts that I will love to boast in.  These are the truths that God has made in me because of Jesus.
Ephesians 1:7 REDEEMED:  I used to be a slave to sin, I couldn't break the pattern of sin in my life.  Even with all my effort, I couldn't be good/perfect/loving all the time.  I have been redeemed and bought with a price (Jesus, who is perfect, death on a cross).

Ephesians 1:7 FORGIVEN:  I am thankful for the freedom of guilt and shame to be perfectly loved by the Most Holy God.  I can rest in that forgiveness.  

Ephesians 1:8 WISE:  I am thankful for the wisdom that I have in Christ.  I love the insight he lavishes on me to understand His will.  I can understand his grace.  I can be a wise parent, a wise wife and with the Holy Spirit that lives in me guiding me.  

Ephesians 1:9 UNDERSTANDING:  I know God's plan, the gift of Jesus.  It is not based on my goodness.  Thank you for the sacrifice of His perfect son.  I have a full inheritance because of God's good pleasure.  

Ephesians 1:10 WAIT We have a future hope in Christ.  God is waiting for the exact time for the New heaven and the New earth.  

Ephesians 1:11 CHOSEN:  I am predestined (chosen before) according to His will.  I am loved. 

Ephesians 1:12 DELIGHTS: God celebrates me because of my faith in Jesus.  I am adopted in his forever family.  

Ephesians 1:13  INCLUDED:  I don't have to wonder, but I can know that I am included and that I am sealed with the Holy Spirit.  I am thankful for the rich seal that can NEVER be undone.  

Ephesians 1: 14 SEALED We are sealed instantly when I walked by faith and became His child.  His seal on my life is always visible.  It is not based on my emotions but a permanent seal (in the palm of His hands).   

Ps.  I am also thankful for the story of Les Mis as it is a story of redemption of a sinner and one who never could accept that perfect grace.  Lord, help me to boast in YOU!  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Monday Morning Mail

Well, I do get some writing in each week.  Since school started in August this year, God put it on my heart to have Monday's go a bit smoother.  Not like we are anti-Monday people.  However, I do have our big layout the requirements for the week talk and it is a bit overwhelming.

So after listening to a good sermon on 1 Thessalonians 5.  16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.  

I decided to put these three items into practice:  Rejoice, Pray, and give Thanks.  So, every Sunday night, I get my kids there own notebook and I write them a love note from me.  I try to point on the things I see that I rejoice in from the past week. Then I tell them what I am praying for them for this week.  I close at giving thanks for them.  Not based on action just being a wonderful child!  It wraps my heart just a little closer to them and I am shocked at their response to a little bit of love wrapped in positive words.

Thanks you Lord for your continued guidance and helping me to love those around me well.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Life during the November Novel Writing Month

It is NOVEMBER!  Excitement spills over my hands, as another November Novel writing month begins.  My three children are again taking the literary world by surprise, and will be madly writing or typing daily for this month.
These are the things they wanted to have in a good book.

To join in the writing movement, I will also resurrect this blog.  There are so many topics that I will hope to cover some include the following:  outdoor hikes, Mothers of Preschool or MOPS, homeschool fun topics, and just our life from the view of Pioneer Peak.  

God has been teaching me abundant lessons.  That doesn't mean you need to hear it all or that I will disclose all.  But as I share, hopefully you and I can learn something (the good stuff and the bad), so we can be more like our precious savior Jesus.  

Because it is best to start with today, I will too.  After a delightful baby shower for Baby E, my home became a bustling of activity.  Cleaning is not my favorite, but it demanded our attention.  

Thankfully, after a quick visit of Uppa and a removal of the last two children, James, Willow and I headed up to Government Peak Trail.

It is the start of one of the earliest races of the Alaska Mountain Runners Grand Prix Races. However, I have never done it.  So, despite my hacking cough, we set out from the beautiful Mountain Streams Bed & Breakfast.

A clearly marked trail begins on a soon to be ski trail up the back of the Government Peak Ski Area.  Soon, it narrows to a single track trail.  We were greeted by some cold bear scat (yes, I did check for steam).  The signage is clear and easy to follow.  Not only that I think we passed three picnic tables.  One with two wooden adirondack on top of a bluff that beholds the awe inspiring sunset over the inlet.

It did increase the difficulty soon after the bluff, but, it was manageable and not too stressful for the body.  We were on a time limit because of meeting friends for dinner, so we were excited to see we were only 90 meters from the Falls.  It was supercool because of the 1/2 frozen blanket of ice sheets with running water underneath.  Alaska is stunning regardless of the season.

We ran eagerly down the mountain and made it to our friends home for delightful split pea soup and popcorn.

For the second year, we join another family to watch the Amazing Race.  James and I like to plan our audition for the show for the "race around the world".  Currently, we laugh at the wrestlers and enjoy cheering on Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks.  I love that his profession is "professional husband".
Maybe this year we will actually finish the audition video.