Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Probing Questions for spiritual reflection.

One of the thought provoking chapels that I heard during my time as a graduate student at Moody Graduate School, I took notes.  My Bible is too worn and the cover fell off, so I decided to put in on the web so that I will always have it. (unless the web dies).  I have no idea who spoke to give acknowledgment to.

I would take these questions and ask myself periodically to do a litmus test on my heart.

1.  Am I content in the who I am becoming?  Every day we get closer to who we are going to be.  Is my lie a standstill or is it progressing?  What is my personal vision statement apart from achievement?
2.  Do I have a quiet center to my life?
Like when jesus commended Mary when Martha was busy doing good stuff. Do I allow God to speak to me in the stillness of life?
3.  Can I point to current areas that God is transforming in my life?  Am I at a standstill since conversion or do I see God changing areas in my life today.  If I continue to stall it just leads to spiritual death.
4.  Am I maintaining freshness in my walk with God?  Water that flows is fresh.  Am I more like a lagoon or a river?  I must keep what I am receiving and letting it flow out to others.
5.  Am I functioning in my unique ministry?  What is my passion?  Am I allowing the Holy Spirit to invigorate and empower my ministry?
6.  Am I growing in my awe as a worshipper of God?  Is worship just a ritual or does God give you goose bumps?  When God is glorified I am most satisfied by John Piper.
7.  Is my spiritual diet a healthy one for me?  Am I getting what I need in my spiritual diet?
8.  Am I more genuineness in my love for others?  Do not see people as problems people but in an opportunity to show them God's love.
9.  What influence effect I have to  others?  Neutral/negative/salt or change agent.  Does my life challenge people?
10.  Do I have joy?  The kingdom of God has three characteristics:  righteousness, peace, and Joy.  Is it there?