Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bye Bye Billy Graham, for now

One of the scariest but life-transforming day was the day I was asked to come to Jesus.  It wasn't that He was scary  No, but His holiness made me know I couldn't be perfect enough to be with Him as I was.  He paid the way for me to be holy and forgiven because of His death on the cross.  I didn't have to earn his love but that He was wanting to be #1 in my life.

Giving up that control and the worldly pleasures I embraced, I resisted the call to come to Him.  I was scared to leave them.  However, my life was a mess of disappointments, deceit, and depression.  I had an appearance of status and happiness  I couldn't fake it anymore. 

I longed for truth and acceptance.  In my search for peace and love, I tried meditation and behavior change which was superficial.  It lasted only a moment.  But when the quietness was over my mess was back. 

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you took my challenge.  I actually said to God, "If you are real, I will follow you." So many things in this world offer significance, hope, peace, love but ultimately I found that in Christ- having a relationship with my King and Heavenly Father is the only way, the only truth, and the only life. 

I am so thankful that someone told me.  I hope you can know Him too.  He is waiting.