Friday, April 7, 2017

When feeling a disconnect to the Lord?

Just the past few weeks, I have lost some of my zeal and "hearing" from the Lord.  When I spend time with my Sweet Savior, pages are filled with insights and prayers for the various promptings from the Holy Spirit.  Currently, I have worked a few more hours and been uncertain in our future ministry.

I recently went to my MOPS leadership meeting.  During our prayer time, I asked for spiritual revival and not the recent dryness.  Thankfully, I came home and the Holy Spirit gently reminded me of two things.
1) Time with Jesus needs to have His Words center.  I am doing a great Lent study, but it is just a little word or action of Jesus passion week journey.  To hear from the Lord, I need to read His Words not just devotions about His word.

2) Lack of Community. Not having our Friday Life group is another reason for the lack of joy when encouraging and serving together. I need one-another.  God made us want to be in community.

Understanding these two missing elements, allowed me to make changes.  Up on the Butte today,  this picture shows me doing a plank.  Would I do them by myself in the dirt? Nope.  I needed TWO friends today to push me.  We even did a sprint after going up and down and up and down the Butte.  I function more completely and at my fullest potential when I am with others who will spur me on to Love and Good Works.