Monday, December 31, 2018

The best of 2018

Best of life in 2018
app for taking notes Notability
app for communication Marcopolo
book for change in me "12 ways your phone is changing you"
best bike ride Denali Highway
best date with James so many, but I love when he reads to me plus puzzles
best day hike Maui, Hileaka hike with Rowland’s
best tandem bike ride Soldotna to Homer
best new food roasted golden beets
best marriage podcast Fierce marriage
best cozy coffee shop Starbucks 100th Ave near target
best city getaway Russian Jack Greenhouse
best thrift store The Archangel Thrift Store
best Asian grocery The Lucky Grocery
best Thai food Thai Orchid
best new game Small World
best Apple Watch app Strava
best spiritual growth app Scripture typer
best convicting sermon Sermon on the Mount: Fasting : growing our Hunger for God.
best new ministry "If Table" mentoring
best family time watching "Our Town" live play at the PAC
-best sporting addional equipment Studded bike tires
best accessory heated gloves.
-hardest day saying goodby to Hannah for college.
best waterfall Virgin Falls Girdwood
-best short hike Peak three
-best grocery and recipe app Anylist
best homeless shelter Downtown Hope Center
best reflecting tool Watercolor Pen and sketchbook.
most helpful accountability group is Moms in Prayer
-best fiction book Name of the Wind
-best grocery online Walmart.
Best ladies getaway Byers Lake January
Best cabin night Hope Alaska

What are some of your best???

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018 from the Embrees

Merry Christmas 2018

Our Family gathered at Anchorage, Alaska

Those present were Max, Hannah, Bronwyn, Ella And James

New members of the family since last Christmas Morfisha the beta fish.

Special traditions we enjoy Each year unwrap the Bible first and James reads the story, photo of the stockings, Christmas Eve service at Clear Water church, Bought gifts for Wendell needy family.

New traditions we started find a place to serve on Christmas. This time we went to the Hospital to visit Kiersten Dahms with heart issues. In the past we have rung Christmas bells for Salvation Army. I got to hand out homeless socks at the corner near REI. Clear Water sponsored a Christmas tree at the solstice tree at Kincaid ski. It was amazing with Mr. Christmas and carols dressed in Dickens costumes, and free hot cider. We also wen away to a cabin in the woods in Hope, Alaska. Yeah!

Special activities of Christmas Eve major was the Clear Water church Christmas Eve. Hannah sang a duet and Bronwyn, Hannah. And Jessica did a skit called “what kind of giver are you?”, also special having Christmas Eve dinner with Nonna and Uppa. I made dog treats to the neighbors to invite them to The service. Fun photo booth.

Special activities of Christmas Day we went to see Aquaman at the Dimond mall. Then toured the gingerbread houses at Captain Cook hotel, and finally went looking at Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

Our Christmas Day menu eggs, leftovers, sausage, and popcorn LOTS.

Special gifts both given and receiving tent, sleeping bag, Hannah got iPhone, echo, Max got noise cancelling ear, and Bronwyn her diffuser, makeup. And yes, I cried when I opened the Vitamix.

New ornaments and decorations for the tree and house James spent money to get all led lights and they went out. Bummer.  I was proactive and got all the Christmas photos I could fine on the various hard drives, then I printed them out and made them a tree and another wall hanging.  I also was thrifty finding out little and big Christmas frames, and so now we have plenty. We did buy a new wreath which double for the Vintage Holiday market and our door.

Special guests during the holidays we had a rarity of couples over, Dahms, Hruby’s, amy and mike Martin, and book club,

Favorite plays, movies, concerts of the season we only saw the show Our Town, the Best Christmas pageant ever, Elf, the grinch that stole Christmas, not a fan of Jingle all the way, Christmas with the Cranks. James read to us a Christmas mystery.

Special spiritual emphasis this Christmas we looked at the various Old Testament guys and we heard from, Adam, Moses, Abraham, and king David. The memory verse is Luke 2:10-11
Quirky things: we played which one is the PJ again? Which resulted in only one wrong guess.  Maybe we’ll learn. We played a round of Nufarious and Ella (me) won for being the mad scientist.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tough Alaskan Women Interviews

Here is a compilation of interviews of outstanding women in Alaska. If you click on the name it will link to the live interview with them. 

Eowyn Ivey Alaska author and best seller of two novels.  She gives some of her motivations for writing and a hint of her next book that she is in the process of writing.

Ella Embree (Me lol).  Introducing the 1,000 mile bike around Alaska challenge from Sea to Shining Sea. 

Meredith Mapes youngest female *24 years old from Palmer, Alaska, and a rookie Iditarod musher before her big race explaining about her goals for the Last Great Race.

Charity Carmody founder of Beacon Hill which exists to serve Alaska’s children in foster care and children at risk of going into foster care through the love of Christ.

DeeDee Jonroe sweet and tough cancer survivor and an Alaskan woman who has raced the Iditarod since 1980, shares her heart for dogs and passion for caring for others in crisis.

Janice   from Palmer, Alaska is 93 and shares a little about homesteading in Alaska. She was a nurse, worked at a cannery, and was a set-netter for 20 years. Her husband served in WW2, and she came from Montana.

Elishaba Doerksen  Interview with tough Alaska Chick eldest daughter of Papa Pilgrim, who escaped an abusive lifestyle in remote Alaska.

Sierra Dorman   Another tough Alaska Chicks, where she talks about how she went from "command and control" over our country's nuclear weapons to mom life!

Christy Marvin local Alaska Chick mountain runner and mama! She won Mt. Marathon this past summer and many other races!

Pattsy Mendez Peshel Tough Alaska Chick who fought the race of cancer.  She has now since passed.  But, her story will inspire anyone.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bye Bye Billy Graham, for now

One of the scariest but life-transforming day was the day I was asked to come to Jesus.  It wasn't that He was scary  No, but His holiness made me know I couldn't be perfect enough to be with Him as I was.  He paid the way for me to be holy and forgiven because of His death on the cross.  I didn't have to earn his love but that He was wanting to be #1 in my life.

Giving up that control and the worldly pleasures I embraced, I resisted the call to come to Him.  I was scared to leave them.  However, my life was a mess of disappointments, deceit, and depression.  I had an appearance of status and happiness  I couldn't fake it anymore. 

I longed for truth and acceptance.  In my search for peace and love, I tried meditation and behavior change which was superficial.  It lasted only a moment.  But when the quietness was over my mess was back. 

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you took my challenge.  I actually said to God, "If you are real, I will follow you." So many things in this world offer significance, hope, peace, love but ultimately I found that in Christ- having a relationship with my King and Heavenly Father is the only way, the only truth, and the only life. 

I am so thankful that someone told me.  I hope you can know Him too.  He is waiting. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Too Distracted

I have enjoyed years of the cell phone bible app called YouVersion. I'v done a few plans. However, I have a problem. As soon as I’m near my phone, I get distracted buy 💯 good things and leave for the BEST thing in the dust.

So, this year is the year of paper. Back to a paper list of Bible chapters to read.  I do find it helpful to systematically go through God's Word and not just randomly pick a passage.  It was (mainly) written to be read as a complete letter or story.  Perferring whole chapters to read at a time, the context and other elements of the Bible is easier to understand.Discipleship Journal reading plan

What plan will you choose this year?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Update Embrees

James and Ella Embree

Moving Ministry

Lots of changes
CE7A7978 (1).jpg
James & Ella (celebrating 20 years of marriage), Hannah 17 (Senior), Bronwyn 13, Max 16
We did sell our home in Palmer and moved to Anchorage about 45 miles away.  Huge praise was we showed our Palmer house one day and had an offer.  The selling was easy.  There were some delays on the purchase of our new Anchorage home that tried our patience as we spent several weeks in James’ parents’ basement between homes.  But, we are moved in now and getting settled in our new neighborhood.  We arrived to a harvest of raspberries and rhubarb in our backyard!   We have met already four neighbors including Makenna with a super cool english bulldog, Remington.  Willow (our great dane) has adjusted to the home quickly.  Now it is the long process of unpacking the remaining boxes and finding a place for everything.

Hannah has just 1/2 of a year left as a senior at West High before heading to Taylor University in Upland, Indiana in fall of 2018 (yes she has already been accepted and knows her roommate).  She is preparing for her dream role as Morticia from the Addams Family Musical.  Max is a sophomore in a complicated mix of schools; he is continuing his study  of Japanese language/Chemistry at Dimond High and enjoyed cross country running  at West High, while homeschooling part-time.  Bronwyn has taken a full load of dance (ballet & jazz) and will continue to be homeschooled this year through Family Partnership while taking Advanced choir at Romig.  She landed a part as Helen in Young Jane Eyre at Anchorage Community Theater.

Summer 2017 Ella started out leading community hikes each Wednesday for free for Thrive Outside and Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers.  In May, she began her Tour Guide with Alaska Adventure Unlimited.  She has loved her clients and showing off Alaska, but misses her family as it is 6 very intense and long days.  
The children all served the Lord at North Star Bible Camp.  
New Address
1350 West 70th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99518

James 907-315-3803
Ella 907-795-6604
Hannah 907-521-9443
Max 907-707-3505
Bronwyn 907-414-2998

Random Christmas Questions (Try to guess who answered)

Favorite book you read this year?
a. The Pearl or Animal Farm
b. The Secret Life of Bees
c. Vox Day Novels
d. The Selection Series
e. Lilac Girls

Can't wait to...
b. Preform as Morticia in the Addams Family Musical March 1,2,3
c. Compete in the TriFlake Winter Triathlon
a. Celebrate Christmas and show my family Chicken man
e. explore Hawaii for our 20th Wedding Anniversary
d.  Play Helen in Young Jane Eyre January 19-February 11

Favorite Website
b. Pintress
e. anylist
d.  instagram

If I had $100,000 I would
d.  move to New York City
e. looking for ways to invest/encourage the Kingdom of God
b. give it to Dressember
c. make a down payment on my children's education (three in college soon)
a. pay for Hannah's Choir trip.

Who is Jesus Christ to you?
e.  Abba Father-Daddy-Friend
a. Literally perfect
d. My Superstar
c. God
b.  My Dad

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Often times, when hostility exists between two parties, a mediator is needed to stand in between the two parties and bring reconciliation. 

The mediator’s sole job is to restore peace between the two, to bring flourishing back into their lives. 

Why so often people have a hard time realizing the hostility that exist? Before I knew Christ my mind raced with the knowledge that I wasn’t as good as I could be. The pain of other peoples wrong choices affected me. I also hurt others. Even the good Id do, wasn’t good enough. Sadly my striving for accomplishments or status ended up in disappointments. 

 But truly I didn’t know my need for a savior because I always saw people worse off than I was. Doing things that were worse than I did.It wasn’t until I realize God is holy. His perfectness —demands actually requires perfection. I cannot even enter into his presence as I was. But His love called to me and I wanted him as My father. 

That’s when love came in. That’s when Jesus who knew everything I have done: my intentions, my motives, my heart, and yet he still died for me. 

My selfishness and self centered  couldn’t be in his presence. But if I Accepted  his free gift of being my prince of peace —reconciling me to a holy God a relationship with HIM began for  all eternity. 

During Christmas time is when I found out about this good news. I just wanted to let others know (my friend my family) that You too have an opportunity to experience the peace of God through the king who IS and will be Prince of Peace.

Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you.” (John 14:27)
Jesus said, “My peace I give to you.” (John 14:27)
Jesus said, “in me you may have peace.” (John 16:33)

Jesus is that Mediator. Jesus is the one who would stand between God and mankind in order to restore peace, to reconcile our relationship with God. When Jesus was born, peace came into our world!