In & Around Palmer (pg 3 of the guide book)
Babb Arboretum:  Super easy wandering area .3 of an acre for little ones and readers.  Great views of Pioneer Peak.  E. Fireweed & S. Gulkana Ave, Palmer

New Bogard Road Bike Path 3 miles one way from Colony High School to the Glenn Hwy

Palmer Moose Creek Railroad Trail  (notice that around mile 1.5 there is severe erosion from the Palmer side-you can bushwack to the river) It does start in Palmer, but there is parking along N. Valley Way in Palmer. You cross the W Eagle Ave and begin pass the concrete barrier. 

Colony High School Cross Country Trail: 49th State st & Colony School drive, 3K of trails for beginners and more technical downhills and turns.

Matanuska River Park 1.6 miles with lots of options to roam, with new added Palmer Bike Pump tract

Lazy Mountain Area (pg 3 of the guide book)
Lazy Mt. /Butte Bike Path:  start from the downtown Palmer out the old Glenn Hwy towards Butte.  Nice paved bike trail. 6.33 miles one way

Morgan Horse Trail 2 miles one way

Plumley-Maud Trail 3.1 miles one way, very muddy with large mud holes. 

Rippy Trail 3.8 round trip. Great for biking and hiking.  Multiuse trail.

Lazy Moose Trail and the trail map 3.8 one way

Lazy Mountain Hike $ parking fee, 2.5 one way

Matanuska Peak Trail (McRoberts Creek/Intake) up to the creek 1.3 miles one way

Matanuska Peak Trail (longer but better switchbacks) to the top 4.1 miles one way

Butte Area (pg 4 of the guide book)

Rogers Lake Trail at Knik River Lodge (trail behind the yurts that heads to the glacier)

***NEW***Pioneer Falls****super short but beautiful waterfall near Palmer, AK

Butte Dusty $ Parking Fee

Butte Shady (West Butte Trail) $ Parking Fee (note: parking lot is from 8am open until 10:00pm) no earlier birds, 3 miles round trip

Pioneer Ridge & Austin Helmer Trail $ parking fee. 4.5 to the top of the ridge, additional 3 miles to the Pioneer Peak (south 6398 feet) *latest post of 2016 hike

Mat-Su Green Belt (pg 4 of the guide book)
Matanuska Green Belt: many trails  It will take you to an interactive map showing MANY TRAILS!
          ***NOTE MOSQUITOES inhabit this forest with a vengeance.  Be prepared! **
Matanuska Lake  $ parking fee (short trail to a little sandy beach with rope swing)  take the trail off the parking lot and walk near the shore head pass the fishing area to the North a bit.  Might be some overflow on the journey to the little "island"
Matanuska Lake State Recreation Trails:
Long Lake Loop  *Bear Berry *Bear Bottom *Root Bear
Crevass Moraine $ parking Fee *Mooseberry Mesa *MoosePoop Loop
Picnic Table Single Track
Fenceline Trail
UAF Experimental Farm

Mat-Su College Hilly Loop

Mat-Su College Arboretum Loop

Mat-Su College Snodgrass Hall Trailhead

Kepler Bradley Lake (there is a trail that leads to the Mat-Su Green Belt).  No fee if parking on the driveway to the park on either side, but once you hit the bridge it is private property.  

Toward Hatcher Pass (pg 5 of the guide book)
(Before crossing the Little Su)

Blueberry Knoll  $parking fee. 1.48 miles one way

Government Peak Recreation Hikes $parking fee.  *download the winter trail map it has them listed.
    *Matanuska Loop Trail *Susitna Loop Trail *Pioneer Loop trail (dog friendly)

Government Peak Mountain  3 miles from either Government Peak Recreation Center $parking fee or optional parking at a private residence at Mountain Streams B&B

Hatcher Pass (pg 5 of the guide book)
Independence Mine $ parking fee

Gold Mint $parking fee. stroller friend first 1.5 miles, 8 miles one way. Follows the Creek

Gold Cord Lake 1 mile one way, 500 ft elevation *Independence Mine parking state fee

Summit Lake Trails-Willow Fishook *only open in Summer

April Bowl  & Hatch Peak

Reed Lakes: $parking fee.  Trail head down Archangel Road, Easy first 2 miles.  Boldering 4.5 one way

Craigie Creek old washed out road for the majority of the hike

Archangel Road: $ parking fee on the pull out across from the start of the road. best for Mountain biking as it is a busy road

 Hatcher Pass Continued  (pg 6 of the guide book)
Lane Hut: 1.8 miles at the end of Archangel Road.  Hike switchbacks through the valley.

Snowbird Mine & Snowbird Glacier *the hut is first come, no reservation required!

Marmot Mountain $parking fee 2.6 miles

Fishhook Trailhead UP  & down Micro-Dot:$parking fee

Toward Wasilla (pg 6 of the guide book)

Lake Lucille Park $parking fee

Wasilla Creek Wetlands Trail  short boardwalk trail

Toward Talkeetna (pg 6 of the guide book)

Talkeetna Lakes Park Take a Right on Comstat Rd off the Talkeetna Spur Hwy just pass the Borough transfer site. It is immediately on the right for a nice big trailhead with toilets and ample parking! $parking Fee/Pass required.  *Great for strollers, hiking, varied terrain.  Topo Map and guide.  

Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge in Talkeetna: Hill Trail Open May- September. Photo

Toward Sutton (pg 7 of the guide book)

Toward Matanuska Glacier (Page 7 of the guide book)
Edge Nature Trail at Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site park (easy walk) $parking fee

Matanuska Glacier (walk on the glacier) $$

Teepee Trail: Great loop trail, 3 miles or 1 mile to lookout, go to Miracle Lodge at Victory Bible Camp to get trail map and sign a waiver (private property)

Sheep Mountain Lodge many groomed trails for hiking, biking, and skiing

Fossil Trail: go to Miracle Lodge at Victory Bible Camp to get trail map and sign a waiver (private property)

Gunsight Mountain Trail. Trail starts at 118.5 on the Glen Hwy.  Park at the North Pullout.  Head West (toward Palmer) on the old gravel road for 300 feet.  The trail is on the right. 8.2 Miles. 

Lions Head-Summit has steep cliffs on 3 sides, not the best for roaming or toddling children

Toward Anchorage (page 8 of the guide book)
Reflection Lake $parking fee

Thunderbird Falls $parking fee

***NEW*** Beach Lake  South Birchwood-Inlet, Lake, fun Easy

      Albert Loop, Dew Mound,

Mt. Baldy 1.5 miles
Black Tail Rocks longer 3.5 miles alpine and bouldering at the top

Eklutna Lake  (after link, scroll down to Eklutna Lake Trail Guide) $ parking fee.
You can rent kayaks at the lake as well

    * Twin Peaks
    * Lakeside trail Hike
    * Edlu Bena Loop Trail
   * Bold Ridge
    *East Fork Trail
     *Eklutna Glacier Trail
***NEW*** Pepper Peak 

*Some of the trails cross private lands, but we have written permission to use them.  However, if the property is sold or use is not granted, we will remove the trails from the list.  Please be respectful of God's property and hike at your own risk.  

I got super motivated to make a list of hikes as I love to plan my adventures.  However, when I went to a variety of websites, books, and publications, I saw a lack of consistency that would be the one.  So, to save people time hunting a searching, my purpose is to make the great outdoors available to all.  It is God's glorious land, I desire people to experience Him in it! I hope this helps!

Thanks Julie for putting together hiking recipes.

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