Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Countless competitions, celebrations, and ceremonies

This term has been great. It was full of countless celebrations, competitions, and ceremonies.  I was shocked myself in looking at all the happenings that went on in 9 weeks.  We also had 5 days dedicated to standardize testing. 

Something that we did new this term was Louise Farm School from 9:30 to 2:30 one day a week.  It was such a hit for a multiple reasons.  First, it gives a change of scenery for the week.  Second, Max learned wilderness survival skills, while Bronwyn's class focused on wolves.  Third, they spend 3 out of the 5 hours outdoors regardless of the weather (rain, snow, etc).  So, Bronwyn learned to have fun in the cooler temperatures.   She spent even the early morning hours just exploring her world.  I believe the lesson of loving her environment is PRICELESS.  Fourth, Bronwyn wrote that she loved it.  She wrote, "I am not too old, or not too young, I am right where I belong."  I realized that being the youngest makes her think she is always behind.  

 Hannah raised money for Compassion International (disaster relief) and Max/Bronwyn raised money for Samaritan Purse (goats for families).  They raise $260 which is 100% for the charities.  (They kept the tips for themselves).  I love Lemonade Day!

Max & Bronwyn both won a free school trip up the Butte plus the Reindeer Farm in Palmer because of their PE get moving award.  They loved their time however Max came up with a priceless statement, "There is a fine line between Elementary Schools and Soap Operas".  (they did get to ride the big yellow bus, but was concern that they didn't have seat belts)

But, I know feel such a sigh of relief that this term and year is OVER.  

However, we have a full summer.  But, God is so good.  We will walk with Him wherever He leads.  The activities we have this summer include:  Vacation Bible School (Hannah is drama)- I am the mission teacher,
Mountain Bike Mondays called SPROCKIDS where James and I are coaches,
Max is doing little league for the first time,
Valley Performing Arts 2 weeks drama camp (three kids),
 Victory Bible Camp (1 week all kids) =THANKS TO THE GRANDPARENTS,
Sunday Adventures *James leads hikes up the mountains with worship,
Kayak trip 3 night,
Seldovia weekend James preaches,
Church campout,
and so much more.

If you didn't know MY PARENTS are here so, we have lots of extra love around!  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stuck Outside, multiple blessings

Okay, we did really something crazy.  This year in planning for "Lemonade Day" the kids and I thought it would be nice to have a neighborhood garage sale so that many people would come by our quiet street in our dense neighborhood   Last year, there was a garage sale in our neighborhood EACH WEEKEND.

So, we put flyers up, made a facebook page, and posted signs at the exits of the subdivision.  I was happy to receive some participants phone calls and it sparked more community involvement.  

However it SNOWED last Saturday.  I had no idea what would our Friday/Saturday bring.  Thankfully, we got the best weekend so far this spring- TOTAL SUN with NO WIND in Palmer, AK.  

The Lemonade Stand was a huge hit as with the added donated garage sale items sold the charities will be getting $260! A crazy thing happened as while we were taking our lunch break at 2pm.  Caleb ran up to our home and said, "The Lemon head guy is at your lemonade stand." What?  Yes, some state maskot came and visited some of the stands.  It was crazy.

I loved being outside for the two days.  *I couldn't clean (but I did do the kitchen floor at 7 am because it was SCREAMING my name).  I had great conversations with friends who stopped by.  And all the friends who helped add to the funness of the day thanks  to Rhonda, Sue, Kim, Diana, and Linda).  Also, many neighbors came over to meet us.  LOVE IT!  We look forward to the summer block party and other community building events.

*Last blessing, all the unsold items will be donated to a family who is struggling with bills for their daughters cancer fight.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The dance...Painting the Roses Red

Some sports have a definite season, but with ballet it is a life.  However, the endless practices and rehearsals come to a halt at the performance.  Thankfully, that happened last Saturday night for our family.  Hannah was in Sonja's Studio of Dance performance called "Bloom."

I appreciate the variety of dances and different styles.  However, I do prefer the way Mrs. MacIntosh did her performances in Durban with a story.  Her husband was a theater director so, she was blessed with costumes, actors, and theatre know how to the hilt.

Surprisingly, Hannah's class did a dramatic dance to "Painting the Roses Red." I am having some trouble with my movie, so I will post that later.  She did beautifully.

Remember you can make this larger by clicking on the button in the corner.

She was surprised by the flowers.

The parents taking pictures like mad after the show.

Her friends...