Thursday, May 2, 2013

The dance...Painting the Roses Red

Some sports have a definite season, but with ballet it is a life.  However, the endless practices and rehearsals come to a halt at the performance.  Thankfully, that happened last Saturday night for our family.  Hannah was in Sonja's Studio of Dance performance called "Bloom."

I appreciate the variety of dances and different styles.  However, I do prefer the way Mrs. MacIntosh did her performances in Durban with a story.  Her husband was a theater director so, she was blessed with costumes, actors, and theatre know how to the hilt.

Surprisingly, Hannah's class did a dramatic dance to "Painting the Roses Red." I am having some trouble with my movie, so I will post that later.  She did beautifully.

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She was surprised by the flowers.

The parents taking pictures like mad after the show.

Her friends...