Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We ended school...

The kids were groaning at the end of school as our school ends with review exams and timelines, instead of parties.  We did have the Toga party.  But, the dreaded Year in Review happened.  They all did wonderful and I am excited about their progress.

Now, we are done.  We celebrated after finding out their good test scores with Ice Cream with lots of toppings.  Max who I thought loves math, wrote this sign...

I guess he likes to do it first because it is the most challenging.

Summer schedule for Kids:
1) Read through the Bible time with Mom during weekdays.
2)  Practice honor and being helpful
3) SSR-Silent Sustained Reading 1 hour daily
4) Play outside
5) Mountain Bike lessons on Monday nights
6) Volunteer at the Library, Thrifters Rock, and Animal Shelter

Big events:
Victory Bible Camp (Ranch, Teepee, Alpine)
Valley Performing Arts Theater Camp 2 weeks with a performance at the end
Family Camp at Solid Rock
Sleepovers at Nonna and Uppa

Getting to know our neighbors
6am hikes
Mountain Bike Weekend Resurrection Pass Discipleship weekend
Hiking/Rock Climbing Hatchers Pass Discipleship Weekend
Hiking Crow Pass Discipleship Weekend
Mountain Bike, Running, Tandem Bicycling, Roller Blade, Kayaking, Hiking most mountains
Staff Retreat
Work on Spiritual Disciplines
Read many books and knit (Ella only).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Toga Party Year 1 Unit 4 Celebration Tapestry of Grace

It is the end of the school year, so we celebrate.

Since we just finished the fall of Rome and earlier studied Greece, we had a TOGA PARTY.

Speeches from the balcony 

Willow is sitting on Tamara!

Toga Party
Costume: Togas!

Kabobs:  steak, chicken, with fruit, onion, peppers
Fish Salmon (seaports)
Pita bread
Greek delicacy (baklava)
Sangria juice

Presentations from our top porch
Shelby- Display board
Hannah- persuasion speech
Max- My Life 2012
Bronwyn -Adventure
Cody: acting Readers Theater

Discus- Frisbee throws
Javelin-K-bob sticks
Ball throwing the mega ball

*Kids had 3 times each, then the parents had a turn. What a fun beautiful evening.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Earthly Treasures

It is now the time when people do their spring cleaning and open up their garages to sell things.  It was fun last year, but this year it is a hoot. It has new meaning because I know what climate it will be and we have a home.

I asked James if I need to stop.  He says no, and gives me his wish list.  I find I have so much fun just the hunting for the needed item and the conversations with others in the car. I even had an opportunity to share my hope in Jesus to a skeptic who asked many challenging questions.

Yes, I do shop for a specific list.  Stuff here in Alaska is expensive.  So, I make a list: winter boots, hats, pants, hose, etc.

Well, it was a joy to find some treasures on Saturday.  We get up really early and made the mecca of garage sales (Kempton Hills).  We pray and ask God to have us find the things we need and the restraint to not get the things we don't, then we go hunting.

I feel like a proverbs women who wakes up before dawn.  However, in Alaska, that is IMPOSSIBLE in the Spring/Summer as the sunrise is about 3:30 am.  But, most of the time we leave before 7 am.

I also made more money then I spent today, since one add on Craigslist I sold a kennel.  It is a great way to sell specific things.  Yeah.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Look who is sporting a new do?

Hannah before ...

Hannah after...

Bronwyn before...

Bronwyn after...

Mountain Biking First and Second Time!

Getting my bike, I have road with the kids and friends on a bike path.  However, on Monday while the kids were swimming at an indoor water park, James took me on an adventure at Kincaid park in Anchorage dirt bike tracts!

I LOVED IT! (No photos as we didn't know we had the camera)

Then the next day, the Lazy Mt. Lady Hikers had a hike to Long Lake (9 miles).  I heard that Melody was going for the first time, so I wanted to join her.  It was a blast. Great conversations and fun time with my buddies.

Then Wednesday, James wanted to go mt. biking at the Corvas Moraine.  It was breath taking, nerve racking, but so much fun.  Thankfully Sam and Annie joined us.

Then another gorgeous day, we hiked the Butte and saw new dwarf baby goats.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Full Praise Week part 1 : Willow Update

Seeing Blood Brothers at Palmer High was a fun date night.  It happened when we didn't have life groups on Friday.  Boy, do I love our Life Group.

The mountains shout for joy and the hill resound their praise. Thankfully, God has allowed the sun to shine in Alaska.  It couldn't come at a more perfect time.

A Willow update.  Well, she is a keeper.  She likes being out on the porch or in her crate when we are gone.  She likes to talk to us. a woow woowooo . So sweet.  She eats the window if we don't let her in.  Very funny.  She gets jealous and tries to wiggle her way into anyone who is dancing or hugging which happens more just to see her jealous.  We all like using her as a good pillow warm and on the floor.  She loves hiking, running, etc.

I am still meeting with a friend once a week as we are working on Radical by Platt.  We just love to keep accountable and be real with one another.  I love discipleship. Interesting Tea from Turkey Red.

We woke up on Saturday, cold and dreary and we headed up Lazy Mountain.  James hasn't climb this one for many years.  We took Willow and her new pack and headed up.  It was beautiful.


AT THE TOP (yes it was a bit snowy-)


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Exposed: but Free!

Saturday, I was able to share briefly about my past and how I am no longer that girl.  I have been crucified with Christ.  A few people shared that they were encouraged that I was able to be transparent but they felt fear of people knowing about their past because of being judged.

Today, I heard a similar comment and it came to me, that when people judge/look down on someone, they haven't met Jesus.  Because Jesus calls us to come and be transformed.  We have NO CONDEMNATION for those who are IN Christ.  Can you hear the freedom bells ring in my heart?

It's Mothers day. Today, I have so many tears.  Tears of joy for a new mom that found out that she is pregnant just Thursday after trying for 6 years.  Tears of loved ones who had to say goodbye through death.  I cried for those who long to be moms.  I also cried for those who had miscarriages this year.  I also cried for children that are not loving/honoring their moms and are hurting.  It was a sweet time of prayer to the God that can handle it all.

Well, I need to post some photos of my little daughters birthday.  Bronwyn is now 8!

She had an American Girl Birthday.  I gathered ideas from different websites and we played gamed based on the time period of each of the American Girl dolls.

Kaya, 1764: We played a Native American game in which you have the girls line up their shoes & leave the room.  I hid a stone & they had to come back & guess which shoe had the stone in it.  

Felicity, 1774: The girls sat in a circle with one person in the center. The circle of girls would pass a ring behind their backs until the girl in the middle (who had her eyes closed) said, "Stop!".  She would then have to guess who had the ring.  

Josefina, 1824: hang up their clothes to dry on a line.  So, we will play a clothespin game.  

Kirsten, 1854: Pass the parcel." I had wrapped a prize in as many layers of paper(all recycled from previous holidays) as I had guests, and a few extra to be safe.  While music played, the present was passed around a circle, and when the music stopped, whoever was holding the present got to unwrap a layer. I tried to make the music stop on a different child each time. The person to unwrap the last layer got to keep the prize.   

Addy, 1864:  "Hot boiled beans & bacon for supper, come & eat it while it's hot!" is what the girls would call out to the one girl they had sent out the room.  They would hide a small object (we used a spool since Addy's mother worked as a seamstress) & then call the girl who was "it" to come find it. They would call out colder or warmer as she moved farther away or closer until she found the spool.  

Samantha, 1904:  Balancing Books and "Throwing the Smile": In her books, Samantha had to work on her posture every day by walking while balancing a book on her head. Each girl at the party got the chance to walk the length of the room while balancing "Meet Samantha" on her head. After each girl had a chance to show off her terrific posture, we moved on to a traditional Victorian-era game called "Throwing the Smile". The girls sat in a circle. One girl would begin the game by smiling for a count of 10 while everyone else sat without smiling. Then the first girl would "wipe off" her smile and "throw it" to another girl, who had to "catch it", put it on, and smile for a 10-count. Any girls who smiled out of turn were out of the game. They would then stand outside the circle and try to make the remaining players smile by making silly faces and noises (no touching allowed, though). The game continued until there was just one stone faced girl left--the winner!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Making Disciples?

So, how do you go about making disciples?  Serious question.  Please answer or email me EllaEmbree@gmail.com