Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We ended school...

The kids were groaning at the end of school as our school ends with review exams and timelines, instead of parties.  We did have the Toga party.  But, the dreaded Year in Review happened.  They all did wonderful and I am excited about their progress.

Now, we are done.  We celebrated after finding out their good test scores with Ice Cream with lots of toppings.  Max who I thought loves math, wrote this sign...

I guess he likes to do it first because it is the most challenging.

Summer schedule for Kids:
1) Read through the Bible time with Mom during weekdays.
2)  Practice honor and being helpful
3) SSR-Silent Sustained Reading 1 hour daily
4) Play outside
5) Mountain Bike lessons on Monday nights
6) Volunteer at the Library, Thrifters Rock, and Animal Shelter

Big events:
Victory Bible Camp (Ranch, Teepee, Alpine)
Valley Performing Arts Theater Camp 2 weeks with a performance at the end
Family Camp at Solid Rock
Sleepovers at Nonna and Uppa

Getting to know our neighbors
6am hikes
Mountain Bike Weekend Resurrection Pass Discipleship weekend
Hiking/Rock Climbing Hatchers Pass Discipleship Weekend
Hiking Crow Pass Discipleship Weekend
Mountain Bike, Running, Tandem Bicycling, Roller Blade, Kayaking, Hiking most mountains
Staff Retreat
Work on Spiritual Disciplines
Read many books and knit (Ella only).