Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mushrooms! Campbell Creek Science Center. Botany Intensive Day 2

We were thrilled to learn about Mushrooms at the Campbell Creek Science Center.  It was fun to find out what is growing around us by the experts.

Botany Intensive Day 2: Botanical Gardens in Anchorage

The second field trip was to the Alaska Botanical Garden.  We had experts Kelly and Peter who explained compost, seed dispersal, and tree habitat.  

Spruce Beetles with Larve

Finding insects in the dead tree.

Can you spot the spider?

What's that Mom?  I have no idea.  Not a lady bug.

Monks Hood.  I live life on the edge of the deadly plant.  So close!

Taking time to smell the flowers.

Fall?  Skip that one.

Love the interest in this photo.

Max's favorite flower.  "Mom they are so tiny.  It is like a lego microset."  (great simile)

Bug playground.

Composting and WORMS!

Botany Intensive Starts at the UAF Experimental Farm

These are in reverse order.  At the end, we went on a short hike and filled our nature journal with sketches and stuff.

Learning how to id trees by looking at the veination.

 Is it invasive?  We have a book now.

 Teacher Meg is doing an excellent job of having us noting the variables in tree identification. 

 Didn't know trees walked?

Human reproduction of a living tree!  Great kinestic activity in the beautiful sunny day.  

Root hairs and tap root.