Thursday, October 31, 2013

So Much Fun

We love costumes and acting.  I spent the day leading Battle of the Books, and touring a church in Anchorage all in costume.

It was a joy to welcome the neighborhood into our cute little home tonight.  I was dressed as June Cleaver.

You could hear me welcome the "cutest little children alive" and also warning them of the dangers of walking on the street.  James dawned his Wolverine Costume and grunted.

 We were able to hand out loads of candy, invitation to the local Lazy Youth Group meeting at Sherrod, and free tickets to the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever".

Thankfully, our dear friends came and enjoyed dinner with us before hitting the streets.

While our little Boba Fett, Medieval Pirate Princess, and Lady Guinevere Knight were treating, Wolverine and June was reminiscing about the night.  Heres the video.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

First Time Ever... (3 things, 4 things, maybe 5 things)

Just bear with me, but I have been in a gloomy state.  Like overly critical and wishing things in my life were different.  The problem was not anything specific.  I read in Lamentations and found out that Joy and Peace are a gift from the Lord.

I started praying for joy.

However, listening to a podcast, I found out that some of my "grumpyness" was based on my coveting and not respecting my husband.   Respect is defined as “to notice, regard, honor, prefer, defer to, encourage, love, and admire."  

I was trying to get joy by having others change their attitudes/behaviors.  I needed to confess and change mine.  Ouch, but it has made the total difference.  Instead of a looking for others to change, I need to be a wife of respect.  Thankfully, it really isn't hard to find wonderful qualities in my husband.

Second new thing, I carved my first pumpkin.  Hannah, Bronwyn and I worked as a girl team to make a Tinker bell Pumpkin.  So much fun with our newer friends Tim and Jamie.

I love the tenderness of this little one playing with Jamie's hair.  * Great Party, Amazing Cookies, and All the tools!

Third, we were the only family not dressed up for a 20's party (Everyone else was dress to the HILT).  But, we had a great Unit Celebration with Tapestry of Grace 4 UNIT 1.

The kids made short Radio Announcement Dramas of personalities or events from the 1920's (Eric Liddel, Susan B. Anthony, Zeppelin Takedown, Titanic, Hitler, Morse Code and more).
We had food from the Titanic and War Time "stretching" food.  Finally, we ended with "Charlie Chaplin" group charades.

Fourth, I finally won my first Fantasy Football game this year after a 7 week loosing streak.  0-7 became 1-7. Yeah Baby!
The Death Star is not complete, I guess it never is.

Fifth, it is our Happy Anniversary Day!  15 years and ten months.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Juggling but Connected, ready to do what He wants

I am knitting again.  Do I have time?  That is a great question.  Not really.
Independence Mine.  Hard being the first time of the season (skate skiing), and a torture coming down because of snow pelting out eyes like daggers.  But, I loved it!

This school term has been a huge blessing of at-home-ness. However, our evening are a different thing. It helps to have pre-cooked items, oven on time-bake, or crockpot meals.

SUNDAY/MONDAY:  The Lord has put on my heart to direct a drama called "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".  I feel totally inadequate and stretched, but the Lord is my strength and my helper.  Thankfully, I have an amazing group of actors/actresses and lots of help (sets, wardrobe, etc) or it would be a disaster.    *Save the date December 13, 20, or 21st.

TUESDAY: Bronwyn gets a unique advantage by being a student at Louise Farm School.  During this years studies, she gets to learn more about the environment and trees.  She spends 3 out of the 5 hours outdoors.  Great outdoor education put on by Students from Alaska Pacific University.

WEDNESDAY:  I am committed to teach the young girls *8 to *9 year olds in Pioneer Clubs which is like Bible Study plus Girl Scouts combined.  I love it. I do get away to a knitting club that I love (Thank Diana).

THURSDAY:  I get to run to Wasilla for Robotics for Max and Technology Lab/Battle of the Books (I am coaching this year) for Bronwyn. Hannah gets to volunteer at our local Thrift Store Charity shop.

FRIDAY Day: Super Fun!  Co-op.  We have about 4 families using Tapestry of Grace, and we share a discussion/activities centered on the World Event and helping form a Biblical Worldview. Then, Speech Boot Camp- I am coordinating a class with 14 students (Middle School-High School).  Then Art-I just play a video and let atelier art teach.  I do play music in the background.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Life group is one of the special nights where we get to be encouraged and challenge one another.  I love it.

I look forward everyday to what the Lord wants from me.  I am thankful for my daughters new business and the opportunities to show love to others in our neighborhood.

I find time to read my Bible, run, ski, and go to libraries.  Help me Lord to do your Will in the midst of life!
Willow LOVED the snow.  We had to drive 25 minutes up a mountain to find it, but we did.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

God is an amazing editor!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to see Remedy Carte and her super mom Heather yesterday at the Ronald McDonald's home in Seattle, Washington.  I have been a stalker and prayer-er of this heart-warming child with a heart-breaking news.  She has a brain cancer.

She was recently featured on the Today's Show for being "Super Remedy" with her purple cape and everything.

Since she has multiple meds and chemo etc, her real self gets hidden by the chemicals.  Some days are just hard. It hasn't been smooth sailing at all with her little body hitting bottom and she has consistently ended up in the hospital after every chemo.

I met another fighter who after graduating from High School early in February was diagnosed with cancer in May.  Not the road he wanted to take.  But, he is encouraging and fighting alongside Remedy.

  She was recently featured on the Today's Show for being "Super Remedy" with her purple cape and everything.  You can see it here.  Her mom wanted to see the other takes because it was a harder day for Remedy.  However, I pondered that for a long time.  I thought about how the Lord see all.  (Proverbs 15:3) Nothing is hidden.   Just like the camera that was always rolling and recording the day.

However, the Today's Show editors did something that God does. They didn't display the cranky sayings or bad attitude that crept in that day.  They edited it out!

It is just like our Loving Father. For all who trust in Jesus alone as their Savior, His blood covers our sins.  He is the filter.  But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin. (1 John 1:7) 

Our little video with Remedy!

 "I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more." Isaiah 43:25  God "remembers" no more, but we are the ones who take the "out-takes/bloopers" and want to replay our bad/wrongs.  But, they are laying on the floor.  Leave them there!  Don't keep playing the sins over.  Confess them, and with faith in Jesus, walk in the light.