Monday, October 21, 2013

Juggling but Connected, ready to do what He wants

I am knitting again.  Do I have time?  That is a great question.  Not really.
Independence Mine.  Hard being the first time of the season (skate skiing), and a torture coming down because of snow pelting out eyes like daggers.  But, I loved it!

This school term has been a huge blessing of at-home-ness. However, our evening are a different thing. It helps to have pre-cooked items, oven on time-bake, or crockpot meals.

SUNDAY/MONDAY:  The Lord has put on my heart to direct a drama called "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".  I feel totally inadequate and stretched, but the Lord is my strength and my helper.  Thankfully, I have an amazing group of actors/actresses and lots of help (sets, wardrobe, etc) or it would be a disaster.    *Save the date December 13, 20, or 21st.

TUESDAY: Bronwyn gets a unique advantage by being a student at Louise Farm School.  During this years studies, she gets to learn more about the environment and trees.  She spends 3 out of the 5 hours outdoors.  Great outdoor education put on by Students from Alaska Pacific University.

WEDNESDAY:  I am committed to teach the young girls *8 to *9 year olds in Pioneer Clubs which is like Bible Study plus Girl Scouts combined.  I love it. I do get away to a knitting club that I love (Thank Diana).

THURSDAY:  I get to run to Wasilla for Robotics for Max and Technology Lab/Battle of the Books (I am coaching this year) for Bronwyn. Hannah gets to volunteer at our local Thrift Store Charity shop.

FRIDAY Day: Super Fun!  Co-op.  We have about 4 families using Tapestry of Grace, and we share a discussion/activities centered on the World Event and helping form a Biblical Worldview. Then, Speech Boot Camp- I am coordinating a class with 14 students (Middle School-High School).  Then Art-I just play a video and let atelier art teach.  I do play music in the background.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Life group is one of the special nights where we get to be encouraged and challenge one another.  I love it.

I look forward everyday to what the Lord wants from me.  I am thankful for my daughters new business and the opportunities to show love to others in our neighborhood.

I find time to read my Bible, run, ski, and go to libraries.  Help me Lord to do your Will in the midst of life!
Willow LOVED the snow.  We had to drive 25 minutes up a mountain to find it, but we did.