Sunday, October 27, 2013

First Time Ever... (3 things, 4 things, maybe 5 things)

Just bear with me, but I have been in a gloomy state.  Like overly critical and wishing things in my life were different.  The problem was not anything specific.  I read in Lamentations and found out that Joy and Peace are a gift from the Lord.

I started praying for joy.

However, listening to a podcast, I found out that some of my "grumpyness" was based on my coveting and not respecting my husband.   Respect is defined as “to notice, regard, honor, prefer, defer to, encourage, love, and admire."  

I was trying to get joy by having others change their attitudes/behaviors.  I needed to confess and change mine.  Ouch, but it has made the total difference.  Instead of a looking for others to change, I need to be a wife of respect.  Thankfully, it really isn't hard to find wonderful qualities in my husband.

Second new thing, I carved my first pumpkin.  Hannah, Bronwyn and I worked as a girl team to make a Tinker bell Pumpkin.  So much fun with our newer friends Tim and Jamie.

I love the tenderness of this little one playing with Jamie's hair.  * Great Party, Amazing Cookies, and All the tools!

Third, we were the only family not dressed up for a 20's party (Everyone else was dress to the HILT).  But, we had a great Unit Celebration with Tapestry of Grace 4 UNIT 1.

The kids made short Radio Announcement Dramas of personalities or events from the 1920's (Eric Liddel, Susan B. Anthony, Zeppelin Takedown, Titanic, Hitler, Morse Code and more).
We had food from the Titanic and War Time "stretching" food.  Finally, we ended with "Charlie Chaplin" group charades.

Fourth, I finally won my first Fantasy Football game this year after a 7 week loosing streak.  0-7 became 1-7. Yeah Baby!
The Death Star is not complete, I guess it never is.

Fifth, it is our Happy Anniversary Day!  15 years and ten months.