Thursday, November 29, 2012

Palmer Fire

What really matters?

We were just enjoying our crazy day.  Woke up late.  We had our Bible Time, speed school, finishing up our novels, Respiratory Science speeches/lab/Jeopardy in a co-op, Chess club for Max, Robotics for Max, Bronwyn and Hannah doing little lady factory (Christmas goodies).

Then as I am packing up for Battle of the Books, James calls and tells me that their is a fire nearby our subdivision.  He was just going home from work early to tend to the dog, etc.

The fire actually just came from an accident and flew into our subdivision.  So, we left to help James pack up a few things (if we had time).

On the way, the children were stressed when they saw the smoke. We have 30 to 50 mph winds and NO SNOW.  It has been dry and blustery.  I reminded them that we will be fine. But, Bronwyn was concerned about her neighbor friends who don't know Jesus.  And then I reminded her that they would still be in school.  But, we did say a prayer for all the people to be safe.

We left at the time that Cedar Hills was being closed.  We had a nice soup and homemade bread at Nonna's and Uppa's home (Max and Donna Embree).  We had so many calls for people offering to help.

Thankfully, we were able to return after 8pm.  When the kids and James returned, Max said,"Before we do anything, we need to thank the Lord." So, we huddled in the kitchen and thanked our Savior.

Please pray as two firemen were taken to the hospital.  They did an amazing job.  

As I was looking at my quiet time journal for the day my response for Psalm 134: PRAISE THE LORD.

1Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord.
2Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord.
3May the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth, bless you from Zion

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Max's Birthday 11 years old!

Saturday Day:  We take Max out Skate Skiing for the first time.  Yes, we have NO SNOW, but the frost on the lake is amazingly thick, so we got some laps done.  Max is still learning. I really can't believe how he made his body into a human pretzel.  Fun.

Saturday Night:
Since we live in Palmer, we are starting to start having traditions here.  One amazing tradition is a firework display for Max's Birthday.  Lots of time, money and planning takes place and it just happens to be the same weekend as Max's Birthday.  It actually for a guy named Stan.  I have heard it was because of his soberity or maybe it is just his birthday.  But, it is such a good fireworks display.

Worship after bacon breakfast with the Bacons!  Love them.  Quote from Drew, "Wow, it is like we are at our second home, " as he walked into the room.

Make your own Pizza!  Then out to the fields.  They played some kind of tag, it was beautiful and 17F degrees!  They all came in played some games, and sang.  We prayed for him and ate cake and goodies.  He is such a tender soul.  He loved all of his gifts.  We ran to the pool (forgetting their party gifts-sorry you can get them later).

2 hours of swimming, tag, laps, and super soaker.  I think they all 19 of them had fun.

Thank you for sharing your children.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Novel Writing Month

We are off and started.  All three children began their novels today.  This is the third year of joining people all over the world who take the month of November to write a novel.  In October, the children completed their Amazing free Workbooks (they claim it as non-lame workbooks).  It really sets the stage for the novel by having the students answer questions to really "know" their characters.  The crucial element that the students complete is the story roller-coaster.  It sets the stage of where the novel is going and adds some rising action to the story.

Crazy, this year, I am writing one as well.

After the first day of writing...

"Easy, fun! I feel like I know my characters better this year, " says Hannah.

"Great, amazing, fun.  I think I will work on it in my spare time.  I think my subject is funner." Max explains.

Bronwyn is writing for the first time.  The two years, she has been dictating to me.  "I thought it was a real good time to eat candy and write."

This is also the first year the kids went trick-or-treating around the streets of Palmer.  We had 68 kids come by this year.  James took to the pumpkin carving.

Bronwyn: Arctic explorer with snow suit, head lamp, telescope, and a huge snowshoe strapped to her back.
Max: Clone
Hannah: Cow girl, but was more like Hermine from Harry potter as her hair went flying!
Ella: Zulu woman
James: Clone

Willow: a cow