Sunday, November 25, 2012

Max's Birthday 11 years old!

Saturday Day:  We take Max out Skate Skiing for the first time.  Yes, we have NO SNOW, but the frost on the lake is amazingly thick, so we got some laps done.  Max is still learning. I really can't believe how he made his body into a human pretzel.  Fun.

Saturday Night:
Since we live in Palmer, we are starting to start having traditions here.  One amazing tradition is a firework display for Max's Birthday.  Lots of time, money and planning takes place and it just happens to be the same weekend as Max's Birthday.  It actually for a guy named Stan.  I have heard it was because of his soberity or maybe it is just his birthday.  But, it is such a good fireworks display.

Worship after bacon breakfast with the Bacons!  Love them.  Quote from Drew, "Wow, it is like we are at our second home, " as he walked into the room.

Make your own Pizza!  Then out to the fields.  They played some kind of tag, it was beautiful and 17F degrees!  They all came in played some games, and sang.  We prayed for him and ate cake and goodies.  He is such a tender soul.  He loved all of his gifts.  We ran to the pool (forgetting their party gifts-sorry you can get them later).

2 hours of swimming, tag, laps, and super soaker.  I think they all 19 of them had fun.

Thank you for sharing your children.