Monday, March 23, 2015

It is a roller coaster.. hold on!

Taking on a play, came with unexpected joy and emotion.  My first play was The Best Christmas Pageant Ever containing a rambunctious crowd of youth and adults alike.  It was a huge undertaking with a multitude of costumes and special effects.  However, it was a comedy.  Even though it was hard maintaining organized chaos, it was a feel good play.

Directing a drama, has turned out to be emotional in many levels.  We began studying each of the characters since some are historical characters mentioned in the Bible. That was refreshing and brought the characters to light.

Second, after tweaking many scenes (word choices, directing suggestions), I started to see the actors memorize lines and start owning their role. We also spent time praying for each other to have the burden bearer and our relationship with our Lord stronger.

Now, I finally saw and directed the opening scene and see the performers act without lines and with props.  Wow.  It is powerful.  I usually do three scenes and night.  Each one brings out a different aspect of Jesus and His impact to a hurting world.

It has taken a village to put on this play. When I start to get anxious, I just ask my heavenly Father.  He has used a crowd of people to put this together.  It is a JOY to see the body of Christ join together in using their spiritual gifts. (time, construction, art, music, photography, digital editing, etc).

The cross is a life changer.  I pray that others will see and be challenged and transformed by the deep love that sent an innocent man to die for me.

Invite your friends April 3rd & 4th at 7:00 (doors open at 6:30).  There is childcare for the wigglers and babies.

Lazy Mountain Bible Church
16005 East Shawn Drive
Palmer, AK 99645