Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My little sweetness

Be prepared.  My daughter not only started an official business, but she is full of life.  She is a gardener, animal lover, and fashionista!  She desires to have color and song in every room of our home.  Often she will buy others anything because if she has the ability to share, she will.

She constantly listens to Pandora Broadway show tunes. Often she finds out the moves and will sing and dance her heart out (as long as no one is watching).

Tonight, I got to spend the evening with her.  I dislike going to Anchorage, but she kept me company and she got to spend some hard earned money on a diary and lip gloss.

She was prepared for anything:  Laptop, movie, nitendo ds, 3 Build-a-Bears, red purse, high heeled boots, and matching jacket.

Next week, our Wednesdays will be spent at Pioneer Clubs at Lazy Mt. Bible Church.  So, she will need to share Mom as I will be the teacher for the 8/9 year olds.  PRAY as we will be learning about the Lord and a new skill/activity each week.  I haven't done clubs before, but look forward in sharing the Joy of the Lord with young ladies!

she often takes photos of her toys.  The Rooster.

Preparedness is Key

If you are my friend, you probably know of my love for National November Writing Month.  Since our children are not in High School we use the Young (NaNoWriMo).   It is an organization that encourages creative writing with a word count challenge goal.

I love it.  To me, it becomes a time-capsule of my children's heart at the time of their writing.  Their characters, conflict, and descriptions because a glimpse into their soul.  When our school is over, I will not look at generic fill in worksheets or math problems, but these fresh creative raw stories tell me more than a picture painted or a photo can ever tell.

First, it is CRUCIAL to begin actually in October.  Have your student fill in the workbook to start preparing the characters, conflict, story line for their novel.  The workbook will be the backbone of ideas and reference for writing.  Thankfully, they have a easy PDF fill in workbook so you don't need to use the 1/2 of ream of paper.  Also, my son loves using the computer and this new form will allow him to use it.  They also have online a helpful teachers guide if this is your first time, or you would like some additional help with teaching character development, story line, rising action etc. FREE LESSON PLANS for all ages.

Second, let them write.  During November, writing wins.

Third, try to join some kind of support group so that they get some good peer pressure.  This year, we are using one hour once a week on Friday at Lazy Mt. Bible Church to discuss characters, conflicts, and stories with one another.  It will be from 10-11 am in Palmer, AK.  The first "pow-wow" will be November 8, 2013.

In conclusion, I will be hosting a information meeting at Lazy Mt. Bible Church on October 4th, 2013 @ 12:00pm if you are lost or just would like some additional encouragement or answer some of your questions (as far as I am able to).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lion's Head trail (and a personal review of camping at Matanuska Glacier)

 To get to one of the most rewarding but little effort hike, one must drive toward Glennallen.  Right past the breath-taking Matanuska Glacier, at Mile 103 of the Glenn Highway, just before Caribou Creek, turn right sharply onto a small gravel road. 

You will feel that you are going over the edge but most days you can see the AT&T tower further ahead.  
Don't be intimidated by the closed locked gate. Just park in front of it and call the number (they always answer) and request permission to hike Lion's Head.  They gladly give you permission but they want to know how many are in your party.  

Proceed up the gravel road and take the right fork that leads you directly toward Lion’s Head. A pile of rocks will mark the beginning of the 1-1/2 mile trail that gains about 1,000 feet to the summit, which is at about 3,100 feet. 

I got them all last Friday
when we went to Lion's Head near Matanuska Glacier.  This was not a strenuous hike because we needed to make many stops to fill our mouths with BLUEBERRIES.

Max loves this face

Hannah took her amazing camera and captured the beauty so eloquently.  I guess you can say, this is our classroom.

Sleeping on a deflated air mattresses didn't sour my night in the woods.  A quick game of Jungle Jam, roasting marshmallows, and visiting with foreign neighbors made the relatively warm fall evening a treat.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Loud Time..Time spent with the Lord

Confession time.  After the coffee is made, before the household arises, I sit at the kitchen table. Surrounded by light music and a Bible, you would think I could just "enjoy God".  However, as soon as I am not physically busy, my mind races.  If brain waves could be measured, I think I would get a gold in the 50 yard dash.

I need help.  Thankfully, I found it.  No, it is not medication (ha ha).  I needed a simple framework to ask myself some question around the Bible to keep me focused on Him.  My favorite one I have been using come from the Tapestry of Grace creator Marcia Somerville  In time, I found my modifications on her "journaling form" is what helps me best.

My mother who has been up here for the past 6 months, asked me about the paper I use while spending time with God.  Since I spent hours creating it, I decided to give it to you. If you want it, I will email it to you as a pdf.

I do have a section called "other projects," so that if my mind gets racing, I just got a note there.  That gives me the freedom to spend time listening to Him.

Please let me know if you like it or if it is helpful in your journey with the Lord.