Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lion's Head trail (and a personal review of camping at Matanuska Glacier)

 To get to one of the most rewarding but little effort hike, one must drive toward Glennallen.  Right past the breath-taking Matanuska Glacier, at Mile 103 of the Glenn Highway, just before Caribou Creek, turn right sharply onto a small gravel road. 

You will feel that you are going over the edge but most days you can see the AT&T tower further ahead.  
Don't be intimidated by the closed locked gate. Just park in front of it and call the number (they always answer) and request permission to hike Lion's Head.  They gladly give you permission but they want to know how many are in your party.  

Proceed up the gravel road and take the right fork that leads you directly toward Lion’s Head. A pile of rocks will mark the beginning of the 1-1/2 mile trail that gains about 1,000 feet to the summit, which is at about 3,100 feet. 

I got them all last Friday
when we went to Lion's Head near Matanuska Glacier.  This was not a strenuous hike because we needed to make many stops to fill our mouths with BLUEBERRIES.

Max loves this face

Hannah took her amazing camera and captured the beauty so eloquently.  I guess you can say, this is our classroom.

Sleeping on a deflated air mattresses didn't sour my night in the woods.  A quick game of Jungle Jam, roasting marshmallows, and visiting with foreign neighbors made the relatively warm fall evening a treat.