Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Don't Skip the Hands-On Activities

Human Anatomy and Physiology Digestion Amusement Park
I know, I know.  You look at your curriculum showing some large, time-consuming project, and you say, "I don't have to do this."  You are correct. It means making a mess. Yes.  You tell yourself, "Will it be necessary?" No, it won't.

However, I plead with you to take the time.  Make the moments available to let your children explore and express themselves in a creative way.

It helps to be in a co-op so that you have other moms prompting you to do the activities.  But, you must not just do things because others are watching you.

Tapestry of Grace has many activities listed for different ages from 5 to 18 years old.  It is easy to pass weeks and do nothing with involved creativity and following instructions.  However, those "hooks" that the activities provide becomes a real platform from which your students will relate the lessons in a book to a real activity.

This term we are studying the Renaissance.  So, we are doing art DAILY.  I want them to practice and get better in looking at life and drawing the world around them.  We will be taking those famous artist and copy their style.  We will end in December with an Art Fair.

The following is two different Digestion Amusement Parks.  Better than bacon.



Cold Stone Yummery!

Field trips can bring joy and information.  But, a field trip to Cold Stone is just yummy!  Hannah enjoyed seeing how the ice cream is hand mixed and made at the store.  Bronwyn liked figuring out the waffle cones.

Hannah took most of the photography for her photography class.  I hope you enjoy seeing behind the scenes.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting the Soul Cleaned: S.O.A.P. & Soap bubbles

CONFESSION:  Our Bible reading on Monday had so many frustrations-it was anything but Holy Time.  But, what started it out was no one could find their Bibles.  Ugh.

Yes, they are getting older and talk their Bible with them to church/sunday school/Youth/Pioneer clubs.  However, they are "getting older" and should not loose them.  One unnamed child even blamed the other Bible Studies that we have in our home (those people took them...)

Ugh to the enth-degree.

So, I went to the local thrift store and they had all books .10 cents!  I picked up 6 of the same version of the Bible.  We actually "listen" to the Bible in a dramatized voice, but I have them follow along so that we can discuss and journal it.

Now, I have a BASKET full of Bibles (same version).  I will also be asking anyone who comes to our home if they need a Bible, they can have one. *even trick-or-treaters

SECOND: Reflection, journaling, prayers.  I LOVE to journal.  I don't think I actually remember things unless I hear it, see it, write it, and retell it. But, I have loved Tapestry of Grace Quiet Time forms called Garden tryst.  It is easy to adore the Lord, and have reflection on the scripture (when filling out the form).  It is about 2 pages with even a place when my mind wanders for projects.  But, I knew my kids would be "over the top" to do that.  So, after some tweaking, I found something doable.  Called S.O.A.P.

1/4 of a page, fill in, and great time to discuss what the Bible says.
Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. *All three kids says, "I like it. It is fun."

We also had fun with soap in another way.  Soap bubbles prints.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thrifty boy gains Game

My little Max loves his electronics.  He even would forgo eating cotton candy, riding rides, or other State Fair treats to SAVE for his Nintendo.  We are quite the stickler on when he can use it and when he can't.  However, he loves to play.

Well, we found one with his favorite game Mario for a good price in Anchorage.  It was a week old ad, but the man called me and it was available.  I volunteered as a good mom and drove into Anchorage.

It was a STUNNING day. Really cold, but clear and beautiful.  I talked to Jess Case. I listened to Treasure Island for a bit.  Stopped at a thrift store to pick up 6 Bibles for .60 cents!

The game was on top of a mountain.  I am not kidding.  The roads at the top had so much snow I thought I would get stuck or slide off as I do not have my winter tires on.  However, once I arrived and looked out.

MOUNT MCKINLEY !!! Yes, it was so crisp and inviting.  The house had a cliff side view of the entire Anchorage area and multiple mountain ranges including the turnagain arm.  Breathtaking!

I don't mind getting the game, I got to see my God display His power in the Mighty Mountains.  The kids got to bake cookies for the prisoners for their upcoming ministry behind the cells with Nonna!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Freedom in a Field

Behind our home is a huge field. We live in a dense subdivision with many homes.  Pioneer Peak Mountain serves as a backdrop to the hayfields.  During the hay season, we are respectful of the farmers and do not trudge along the stalks.  However, last week the hay dried out and the farmer was able to bale the hay.  It is now a place of freedom.

Tonight, I took Willow (great dane) and a blanket out into "my" field.  I found a perfect spot and laid on the field gazing expectantly at the stars.  The wind has stopped after a full blown weekend of activities, and I rested.  A true sabbath.  Willow tends to run and play but often comes and sits with me.

I am thankful for the freedom in the fields.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Full First Quarter 2012

I am so in awe of teachers this week.  Our homeschool program requires us (I don't mind) to send in work samples and narratives to prove the grade the child will be receiving.  Doing three students took time and energy.  I can start to imagine the countless hours a teacher needs to put in to do those amazing report cards.

I am so excited to share with you some of our school and adventures with you.

This term hasn't been without its hiccups or learning experiences for me as a mom.
1) No longer will I take those dentist appointments during the day just because I am a homeschool mom and I can.  It TOTALLY interrupts the entire school day.
2) No more nagging (after a day of it).  I need to clearly put the expectations down for each child.  If they choose not to work diligently, they don't get privileges (comic books, electronics, outings) *which we do many.