Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thrifty boy gains Game

My little Max loves his electronics.  He even would forgo eating cotton candy, riding rides, or other State Fair treats to SAVE for his Nintendo.  We are quite the stickler on when he can use it and when he can't.  However, he loves to play.

Well, we found one with his favorite game Mario for a good price in Anchorage.  It was a week old ad, but the man called me and it was available.  I volunteered as a good mom and drove into Anchorage.

It was a STUNNING day. Really cold, but clear and beautiful.  I talked to Jess Case. I listened to Treasure Island for a bit.  Stopped at a thrift store to pick up 6 Bibles for .60 cents!

The game was on top of a mountain.  I am not kidding.  The roads at the top had so much snow I thought I would get stuck or slide off as I do not have my winter tires on.  However, once I arrived and looked out.

MOUNT MCKINLEY !!! Yes, it was so crisp and inviting.  The house had a cliff side view of the entire Anchorage area and multiple mountain ranges including the turnagain arm.  Breathtaking!

I don't mind getting the game, I got to see my God display His power in the Mighty Mountains.  The kids got to bake cookies for the prisoners for their upcoming ministry behind the cells with Nonna!