Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting the Soul Cleaned: S.O.A.P. & Soap bubbles

CONFESSION:  Our Bible reading on Monday had so many frustrations-it was anything but Holy Time.  But, what started it out was no one could find their Bibles.  Ugh.

Yes, they are getting older and talk their Bible with them to church/sunday school/Youth/Pioneer clubs.  However, they are "getting older" and should not loose them.  One unnamed child even blamed the other Bible Studies that we have in our home (those people took them...)

Ugh to the enth-degree.

So, I went to the local thrift store and they had all books .10 cents!  I picked up 6 of the same version of the Bible.  We actually "listen" to the Bible in a dramatized voice, but I have them follow along so that we can discuss and journal it.

Now, I have a BASKET full of Bibles (same version).  I will also be asking anyone who comes to our home if they need a Bible, they can have one. *even trick-or-treaters

SECOND: Reflection, journaling, prayers.  I LOVE to journal.  I don't think I actually remember things unless I hear it, see it, write it, and retell it. But, I have loved Tapestry of Grace Quiet Time forms called Garden tryst.  It is easy to adore the Lord, and have reflection on the scripture (when filling out the form).  It is about 2 pages with even a place when my mind wanders for projects.  But, I knew my kids would be "over the top" to do that.  So, after some tweaking, I found something doable.  Called S.O.A.P.

1/4 of a page, fill in, and great time to discuss what the Bible says.
Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. *All three kids says, "I like it. It is fun."

We also had fun with soap in another way.  Soap bubbles prints.