Monday, February 11, 2013

Hopefully it will catch

Have you ever been so passionate about an activity that you just would do anything to have your children love it?  In my life, I am a new skate-skier.  James and I both took the learning plunge last year.  We enjoy the refreshing outdoors and love the vigorous exercise.

We held off last year, but this year we "forced/encouraged" our children to try Jr. Nordic.  It is an amazing program with positive coaches.  I have heard many groans and complaints from my children.  So, I put together a little video of the fun of outdoors activities.

We will do our best.  But, it is not a requirement to have fun.  It is an option.
In God's creation is where I love to Worship!


Can we research this?

I love my kids.  When it is time to get their school vaccines, they don't just want to do it, they want to know why and how it will effect them.  I love their inquisitive minds.
"If your gonna get a shot, you might want to research what it is about," Max says with confidence.

As you know, I will not be going.  I will be home.  I am thankful for James who takes the kids. My hands get a bit clammy just thinking about it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Please pray discipleship talk

In terms of mentoring/discipleship, I guess I am just a needy person.  I love being filled and prayed for and corrected.  However, I also love sharing/investing in others.

Well, this Thursday, I am speaking to a group of amazing ladies in Anchorage about discipleship.  Please pray... 

1)  Share what God has put on my heart
2)  Holy Spirit to use my words to change and motivate others towards discipleship
3)  Peace (I can get soooooooooo nervous when speaking).