Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Don't Skip the Hands-On Activities

Human Anatomy and Physiology Digestion Amusement Park
I know, I know.  You look at your curriculum showing some large, time-consuming project, and you say, "I don't have to do this."  You are correct. It means making a mess. Yes.  You tell yourself, "Will it be necessary?" No, it won't.

However, I plead with you to take the time.  Make the moments available to let your children explore and express themselves in a creative way.

It helps to be in a co-op so that you have other moms prompting you to do the activities.  But, you must not just do things because others are watching you.

Tapestry of Grace has many activities listed for different ages from 5 to 18 years old.  It is easy to pass weeks and do nothing with involved creativity and following instructions.  However, those "hooks" that the activities provide becomes a real platform from which your students will relate the lessons in a book to a real activity.

This term we are studying the Renaissance.  So, we are doing art DAILY.  I want them to practice and get better in looking at life and drawing the world around them.  We will be taking those famous artist and copy their style.  We will end in December with an Art Fair.

The following is two different Digestion Amusement Parks.  Better than bacon.