Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My little sweetness

Be prepared.  My daughter not only started an official business, but she is full of life.  She is a gardener, animal lover, and fashionista!  She desires to have color and song in every room of our home.  Often she will buy others anything because if she has the ability to share, she will.

She constantly listens to Pandora Broadway show tunes. Often she finds out the moves and will sing and dance her heart out (as long as no one is watching).

Tonight, I got to spend the evening with her.  I dislike going to Anchorage, but she kept me company and she got to spend some hard earned money on a diary and lip gloss.

She was prepared for anything:  Laptop, movie, nitendo ds, 3 Build-a-Bears, red purse, high heeled boots, and matching jacket.

Next week, our Wednesdays will be spent at Pioneer Clubs at Lazy Mt. Bible Church.  So, she will need to share Mom as I will be the teacher for the 8/9 year olds.  PRAY as we will be learning about the Lord and a new skill/activity each week.  I haven't done clubs before, but look forward in sharing the Joy of the Lord with young ladies!

she often takes photos of her toys.  The Rooster.