Thursday, October 31, 2013

So Much Fun

We love costumes and acting.  I spent the day leading Battle of the Books, and touring a church in Anchorage all in costume.

It was a joy to welcome the neighborhood into our cute little home tonight.  I was dressed as June Cleaver.

You could hear me welcome the "cutest little children alive" and also warning them of the dangers of walking on the street.  James dawned his Wolverine Costume and grunted.

 We were able to hand out loads of candy, invitation to the local Lazy Youth Group meeting at Sherrod, and free tickets to the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever".

Thankfully, our dear friends came and enjoyed dinner with us before hitting the streets.

While our little Boba Fett, Medieval Pirate Princess, and Lady Guinevere Knight were treating, Wolverine and June was reminiscing about the night.  Heres the video.