Friday, May 18, 2012

Mountain Biking First and Second Time!

Getting my bike, I have road with the kids and friends on a bike path.  However, on Monday while the kids were swimming at an indoor water park, James took me on an adventure at Kincaid park in Anchorage dirt bike tracts!

I LOVED IT! (No photos as we didn't know we had the camera)

Then the next day, the Lazy Mt. Lady Hikers had a hike to Long Lake (9 miles).  I heard that Melody was going for the first time, so I wanted to join her.  It was a blast. Great conversations and fun time with my buddies.

Then Wednesday, James wanted to go mt. biking at the Corvas Moraine.  It was breath taking, nerve racking, but so much fun.  Thankfully Sam and Annie joined us.

Then another gorgeous day, we hiked the Butte and saw new dwarf baby goats.