Monday, May 21, 2012

Earthly Treasures

It is now the time when people do their spring cleaning and open up their garages to sell things.  It was fun last year, but this year it is a hoot. It has new meaning because I know what climate it will be and we have a home.

I asked James if I need to stop.  He says no, and gives me his wish list.  I find I have so much fun just the hunting for the needed item and the conversations with others in the car. I even had an opportunity to share my hope in Jesus to a skeptic who asked many challenging questions.

Yes, I do shop for a specific list.  Stuff here in Alaska is expensive.  So, I make a list: winter boots, hats, pants, hose, etc.

Well, it was a joy to find some treasures on Saturday.  We get up really early and made the mecca of garage sales (Kempton Hills).  We pray and ask God to have us find the things we need and the restraint to not get the things we don't, then we go hunting.

I feel like a proverbs women who wakes up before dawn.  However, in Alaska, that is IMPOSSIBLE in the Spring/Summer as the sunrise is about 3:30 am.  But, most of the time we leave before 7 am.

I also made more money then I spent today, since one add on Craigslist I sold a kennel.  It is a great way to sell specific things.  Yeah.