Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Countless competitions, celebrations, and ceremonies

This term has been great. It was full of countless celebrations, competitions, and ceremonies.  I was shocked myself in looking at all the happenings that went on in 9 weeks.  We also had 5 days dedicated to standardize testing. 

Something that we did new this term was Louise Farm School from 9:30 to 2:30 one day a week.  It was such a hit for a multiple reasons.  First, it gives a change of scenery for the week.  Second, Max learned wilderness survival skills, while Bronwyn's class focused on wolves.  Third, they spend 3 out of the 5 hours outdoors regardless of the weather (rain, snow, etc).  So, Bronwyn learned to have fun in the cooler temperatures.   She spent even the early morning hours just exploring her world.  I believe the lesson of loving her environment is PRICELESS.  Fourth, Bronwyn wrote that she loved it.  She wrote, "I am not too old, or not too young, I am right where I belong."  I realized that being the youngest makes her think she is always behind.  

 Hannah raised money for Compassion International (disaster relief) and Max/Bronwyn raised money for Samaritan Purse (goats for families).  They raise $260 which is 100% for the charities.  (They kept the tips for themselves).  I love Lemonade Day!

Max & Bronwyn both won a free school trip up the Butte plus the Reindeer Farm in Palmer because of their PE get moving award.  They loved their time however Max came up with a priceless statement, "There is a fine line between Elementary Schools and Soap Operas".  (they did get to ride the big yellow bus, but was concern that they didn't have seat belts)

But, I know feel such a sigh of relief that this term and year is OVER.  

However, we have a full summer.  But, God is so good.  We will walk with Him wherever He leads.  The activities we have this summer include:  Vacation Bible School (Hannah is drama)- I am the mission teacher,
Mountain Bike Mondays called SPROCKIDS where James and I are coaches,
Max is doing little league for the first time,
Valley Performing Arts 2 weeks drama camp (three kids),
 Victory Bible Camp (1 week all kids) =THANKS TO THE GRANDPARENTS,
Sunday Adventures *James leads hikes up the mountains with worship,
Kayak trip 3 night,
Seldovia weekend James preaches,
Church campout,
and so much more.

If you didn't know MY PARENTS are here so, we have lots of extra love around!