Monday, June 3, 2013

Wolverine Peak

Have you ever had an experience that you just can't but share?  Well, that is what happened yesterday.  I awoke from a restless night with an upset stomach.  I was dreaded being a female and even more dreary because of the onset of rain.  However, since this summer my adventurous husband has coordinated 13 hikes for Sunday Adventures we had a long hiked planned for this day.  Often Alaska has rain.  We decided that we would just be prepared and hike no matter what *knowing that you can always get warm and sleep in your own dry bed in the evening since they are day hikes.

Nevertheless, it was hard to get my heart around to go.  I kinda knew people would back out, but thankfully a few came.  We carpooled together.  We had an interesting conversation on how to evaluate spiritual growth in ones life.  What questions would you or could you ask?  

On the ride to Anchorage, the rain pelted down and just got harder and harder.  My stomach calmed down, but my heart started to lighten as well when the rain switched to drizzle in Anchorage.  About ten minutes before we reached the trail head, the wipers were stopped.  NO RAIN.

We eagerly packed our rain gear, scarfed our lunch, prayed and headed on a new trail for 5 out of 6 of us.  Great conversations made us oblivious to the terrain.  It was a bit muddy but had alternate trails around.  We met the Park Ranger coming down and he encouraged us that after 500 meters, we had a clear, dry trail.  

After the rock cairn, we were noticing how wet we were.  It wasn't just sweat.  We were walking in a cloud.  

hiking in a cloud
As we were nearing the top, it started to get brighter but still cloud locked.  I cried out to the Lord, "I know you are the creator of Heaven and Earth.  Nothing is too difficult for you.  Could you please lift theses clouds so that we can see your majesty?"  

I am not joking, but in a few minutes it seemed brighter and brighter.  Then we saw a ridge to the left, then a little bit of a ridge to the right.  We looked back down the mt and saw a square whole in the clouds to expose the downtown of Anchorage.  Climbing, climbing, we got to the top and Shazam!  Sun! Mountains~ clear as can be!  It was BREATH TAKING!

a little flower on the edge of the rock

the boys still coming up as we are at the top

sun and blue in the skies
Me and my man

At the top enjoying the sun and Annie's Tea and Sara's Steak

soaking in the sun at the top!

James texting people we made it!

The hat I knitted for James
On the way down, we saw some Ptarmigan.  

Jumped a few mud holes.  

Downtown Anchorage in the backgroud

see the glasses!

intense Hiker

Rested our feet.  
The pointy one is Wolverine Peak!
We went and refuled at the Bear's Tooth since it was 5:30 pm

  (fastest food ever). 
Then we rested. Someone fell asleep while texting.  ....

A little video