Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moose two

During my research, I found a easier way to get a moose. Put my name on a list. It was quite amusing because I had to select if I wanted different animals: bear, sheep, moose, and fish.

Well, it looked pretty complicated to hunt a moose. So, I learned that the department of fish and game has a road kill list. That means that if an animal was killed or hunted illeaglely, it will be distributed to the next family on the list. In Alaska, they even keep a Runnng total of those killed on the Glenn hwy.  however we never were called. We have been on the lat long enough to even have two phone number changes.

How would I get road kill fish? Ugh . Later I learned if the fish was caught illegally- without a license or in restricted waters- then the fish would be open to the list.

I had some friends talk about getting calls for animals, but over two years, silence. Until last night.

Full of thanks with James gone to the airport, my spontaneous friends agree to meet me at the roadside kill.

I quickly printed out the requirements from fish and game. But blindly knowing NOTHNG of what I was about to do, my heart raced. Throwing on my extra tuff boots and grabbing my youngest daughter, we left without even my jacket to the moose carcass. During the short drive I quickly called my moose loving friends if they could assist my stupidity. We found a flare and a dead moose on the right side of the road. On the other side parked an abandoned vechile no longer drive able.

I was expecting the troopers or someone to be at the scene. Nope. I pulled the car over trying to shed light on the scene. Full of eager anticipation and trembling at the site, my body felt cold.

Humbly, seven trucks and cars kept stopping to see if I needed help. Most thought that I hit the large animal. Another reason why I love living in a small town.

As I was about to recruit more assistance, the wells arrived and graced me with the fact, "We know how to handle a dead moose."

Rejoicing! They even brought lights, truck, rags, gloves, music, tarp, knives, and their current exchange student from Beligum. My thoughts kept racing and remembering just last week (Ruth and I were planning next years hunt. But we couldn't think of a way to haul a dead moose out of the woods).