Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dead, but Oh so Alive.

What to do?  I have been redeemed.  I have asked to die to self.  Today, the life I live now is not about me, but my Savior.

When I leave, I want people to not say "oh, she was nice person."  or  "wow, she lived differently."

I have a huge confession to make.  If it wasn't for Jesus working in my life (restraining sin, refining me, forgiving me), I would be nothing.  Yes, I would be human.  But, this "human" side of me is ugly.

I see it creeping out sometimes.  Looking like a flaming sword, I can hurt the ones closest with me with my words.

How to keep humble?  Stop shining the light on me.  Thankfully, Jesus and my Heavenly Father gets all the glory.  He turned my sorrow and ashes and turned them to joy.

Currently, I am working on a play called, "Eyes Upon the Cross."  It is a deep look into the various characters.  This endeavour has rocked my world.  I am learning about people that my eyes just glazed over in the Bible.  It is also been good to see Him.  No, it hasn't been easy.  I interact with the story for four days straight.  Working diligently in my "off time" (if a Mom has some) to imagine the scene.  If it is NOT practice, I think about it.  It is not just a "play" but it is about Him.

I am just thankful for so much.  One is to allow the people of Lazy Mountain Bible Church (and beyond) to get to use their giftedness to point others to Jesus.