Thursday, November 6, 2014

When a Man Loves a Woman

Talking with a dear friend yesterday (who I hadn't seen in months).  I was sharing how I love God has used James in sharing the message on Sundays.  Yes, if you have read my blog regarding our courtship-I have liked hearing him preach even before we were dating.

Then there was a bit of a lull.  You see, when we were missionaries I would hear James preach and share about our ministry, but it was the same sermon for 9 months.  You see, when you visit different churches, he was able to share the same message.

However, now when we are apart of a local church, he gets about 5-7 opportunities to preach each year.  And it is new stuff every time.  

The last one that James did was part of a marriage emphasis week with a marriage conference thrown in the middle.  He sermon was full of grace and help explain to me verses that have been abused and misused by mean guys regarding submission in Ephesians.

You can listen to the sermon and watch the powerpoint in the following link.  The title is "When A Man Loves a Woman".