Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Run

Happy Run!

I am so thankful for the local business Active Soles in Palmer, Alaska.  I started out on the very first Happy Run, and I continue to run with them on Monday nights.  I loath road running, but to run with others and then have a chance to win fabulous prizes at the end.  It is the motivation I need.  Even the funny contest; knee high socks, wear red, Hawaiian theme, underwater run.  These "challenges" make running a bit of a game.  *love it*  Except now, we run in the dark.  We look like little fireflies.

Surprisingly, I have run into old high school classmates and into a variety of wonderful people.  It is a blessing to hear from both the young (some of my battle of the books kids from last year- to the elderly people who walk/job).  I love sitting around and chatting with new friends or old.  Just tonight, I spoke with a junior from Palmer High.

I have been prompted to invite people to MOPS and exchange phone numbers to connected with people for more outdoor adventures.

Tonight I got a teeshirt for my 10th run (it really is my 13 or 14th) but I didn't know about the cool online registry.

Thank you Lord for a fun way to run.