Saturday, November 1, 2014

Life during the November Novel Writing Month

It is NOVEMBER!  Excitement spills over my hands, as another November Novel writing month begins.  My three children are again taking the literary world by surprise, and will be madly writing or typing daily for this month.
These are the things they wanted to have in a good book.

To join in the writing movement, I will also resurrect this blog.  There are so many topics that I will hope to cover some include the following:  outdoor hikes, Mothers of Preschool or MOPS, homeschool fun topics, and just our life from the view of Pioneer Peak.  

God has been teaching me abundant lessons.  That doesn't mean you need to hear it all or that I will disclose all.  But as I share, hopefully you and I can learn something (the good stuff and the bad), so we can be more like our precious savior Jesus.  

Because it is best to start with today, I will too.  After a delightful baby shower for Baby E, my home became a bustling of activity.  Cleaning is not my favorite, but it demanded our attention.  

Thankfully, after a quick visit of Uppa and a removal of the last two children, James, Willow and I headed up to Government Peak Trail.

It is the start of one of the earliest races of the Alaska Mountain Runners Grand Prix Races. However, I have never done it.  So, despite my hacking cough, we set out from the beautiful Mountain Streams Bed & Breakfast.

A clearly marked trail begins on a soon to be ski trail up the back of the Government Peak Ski Area.  Soon, it narrows to a single track trail.  We were greeted by some cold bear scat (yes, I did check for steam).  The signage is clear and easy to follow.  Not only that I think we passed three picnic tables.  One with two wooden adirondack on top of a bluff that beholds the awe inspiring sunset over the inlet.

It did increase the difficulty soon after the bluff, but, it was manageable and not too stressful for the body.  We were on a time limit because of meeting friends for dinner, so we were excited to see we were only 90 meters from the Falls.  It was supercool because of the 1/2 frozen blanket of ice sheets with running water underneath.  Alaska is stunning regardless of the season.

We ran eagerly down the mountain and made it to our friends home for delightful split pea soup and popcorn.

For the second year, we join another family to watch the Amazing Race.  James and I like to plan our audition for the show for the "race around the world".  Currently, we laugh at the wrestlers and enjoy cheering on Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks.  I love that his profession is "professional husband".
Maybe this year we will actually finish the audition video.