Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stinking Rich in November

I really can't believe my morning.  Arising before the sun (not too hard this time of year), James and I got to pray together.  A quick peak on Facebook, which I usually wait until after my Bible reading, revealed what was painting the skies-NORTHERN LIGHTS.  Thankful, I put a rug outside and we sat near each other and watched the dancing.  It wasn't as colorful, but active.  James saw a shooting star.

Talking with James about Max's 13th birthday, I just love this month.  He gets to celebrate right before Thanksgiving.

Reading about God's miracle of rising Lazarus from the dead (to show His glory), I am reminded of His empathy with hurting people before he chose to resurrect him, as he was moved with tears.  *I have a Aunt Linda who is soon to be with the Lord, a dear pastor friend Mr. Jim Eller who is near as well to his finishing on earth.

Then a quick No More Trouble Zone workout made my lungs happy not to be running in the cold as I am still fighting a cold.

A quick request from my daughter for a library book, I discovered...MY LIBRARIES MERGED!  YES, all of the books from Anchorage to Juneau to Willow to Sutton can all be hand delivered to PALMER PUBLIC LIBRARY.  I love going to Mat-Su college weekly to pick up my Anchorage books, but now, that I can swing by and pick up my books 2 miles away! Sweet!!!  That means that 800,000 books available for the Mat-Su borough just increased to 1.8 million~  Did I tell you I am rich.  Yes in spiritual things yesterday, now in books too!

*It also means, that the great Anchorage system of renewing books will be available online all the time.  Quick email notices when things are going to be due.  I love the Anchorage online system.  Now, it is here in Palmer, AK.

Wow! I better start school.