Saturday, November 8, 2014

Loud Quiet Time

Feeling extremely blessed today!  Today, Hannah and Max had an entire day writing conference in Anchorage.  I had earlier been asked to hike up something with my crazy buddy Annie.  However, since last nights laugh-o-party went late, my quiet time was squished.   I was a bit sad to have "missed" my time with Jesus.

God had different plans.  Often, I enjoy catching up with people during a run/hike/walk but this time I heard from the Lord.  It was a prayer that I prayed with Hannah on the car ride earlier.  I asked for wisdom to "Search me O'God and see if there be ANY wicked way."

As we plotted along the path, I had a Holy Spirit reminder of a specific conversation.  I knew exactly what I needed to do to make it right.  Thank you Lord!

Second, as we shared our lives (Annie & I), we revealed prayer requests.  At the top of the Mountain (unnamed) we PRAISED God.  We continued to the next ridge top and finding the new discovery...SNOW!  Our bright shiny blue sky became a dark, windy, snow storm coming over the top of the mountain range right toward us.

The pictures are just from the iphone and doesn't do it justice. But, it is a great metaphor of how darkness can engulf you all of a sudden.  We quickly put on layers and continued our trek up into the storm.  It felt like we were Denali Mountain Explorers facing 30 mph blizzard.  Quite Epic!

Third, we spent the time descending praying out loud and Annie singing.  It was a loud quiet time, but it was the best medicine of my soul.

I ended up later explaining to an elder person my job was to share to other about Jesus.  We had a neat conversation.  Then, as we drove home after the conference, I heard Timothy Keller sermon on "A World of Idols"  saying the gospel should change not just our inner being but also the way we relate to the outside world.  Everything changes when we follow Jesus.  Thank you for a God centered worldview.