Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh no, it's Monday. How to begin your week with Tapestry of Grace

Every year and even each quater might look a bit different, but I wanted to share how it looked like on the average week. We love the freedom Tapestry of Grace gives.

We begin by spending some time in the Word and having the children journal the journey.  I really like to have the children share what they observe in the Bible instead of telling them what I think it says.

Then we go to the Kitchen Table

I have the student open up their working notebooks on the kitchen table.

  1. Read the page Weekly Overview
  2. hand out the books and have them highlight the books that are required reading for that week.
    1. I may adjust and add more or less depending on the "load" of that week or if the student has finished early a "required reading" they could "choose their own title."
  3. Have the children pick out their activity for the week (or choose for them). Looking at each week, I sway their choices.  They might need to take two or three weeks for one activity, but if they choose it they will love it more.  Some activities are vetoed by me because of weather or cost.  However, most are easy to pull off and my children remember the fun things.
  4. We then go over vocabulary for comprehension and sometimes add it to their spelling list (later post)
  5. Introduce the writing for the week and give them a deadline for 1st, 2nd and final draft.  I choose to combine Writing Aids with Institute of Excellence of Writing. (I will explain writing in detail later)
  6. Then they are off...
  7. I use a White Board with the weekly disciplines with a Sharpie but a dry erase of their initials. When they finish a discipline, they show me the work and then they can erase their initial. 
During the week, we often do maps on Thursday. (later post)
Cocoa Time on Friday.  (later post)

Thats how we play our week of Tapestry of Grace.  How do you plan yours?