Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am like a King

Okay, this is not a bragging session.  Preparing for tonights Pioneer girls class as we are going through The Story, I was fortunate to read about Esther.  I love Esther.  One of my favorite moments from Africa was the Beth Moore Esther Study.

However, this was not a lesson learned way back in Africa, this is a current lesson that God used an Old Story to teach me about anger.

I looked at Esther 1:12 when King Xerxes burns with anger.  He is furious.  Yes, he is a big high on alcohol, but his real reason is that he was not being obeyed immediately.  Looking at his perspective, he totally came unglued for a walk.

This week lesson was on perspectives, I too get so furious about little things.  After logging a reaction journal, most of my "issues" were on trivia matters.  I like King Xerxes burn with anger over little things.  Yes, he was going to look bad in front of his peers.  But, I too can do that.  If it is regarding how my house will look.  What others might think of me?  So, I bark orders and fume at the kids when my expectations or chores aren't done right.  Ouch.  Sorry God.

Thankfully, I don't have idiot advisors to tell me to get rid of my kids.  But, I do have a kind God that reminds me priorities and the heavenly perspective.