Monday, November 25, 2013

Answer to prayers..Again

This is my first play to direct, unless you count the backyard plays in Suburban Country Estates off of Whirlpool Drive in Wasilla.  So, this is a combined effort using the talents and gifts of other directors to add value and direction to this play.  Thankfully Lori Zulliger and my previous director Wendy Golter joined in the pool of giving some helpful advice by watching a rehearsal.  Lori even helped out with auditions.  Yesterday, I was able to ask Larry Bottjen who "happened to sit in front of me at church" to come and watch a rehearsal.  He is the one who directed the Wizard of Oz with many children to come to watch a rehearsal.  He said YES!  I am a giddy school girl.  Thank you Lord for being good to me.  

I am a huge fan of the Valley Performing Arts but wanted something on this side of the valley for actors/actresses to have something to work together for.  The Lord placed on my heart to create a quality community play with a good message.  

After perusing many scripts, the elders of our church agreed that this play based on the book by Barbara Robinson was it.  Thankfully, we have talented carpenters, set designers, choir director, seamstress, audio/visual staff to make this a whole church effort.  With the 45 person cast, this may be the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever".

After much hard work by Ken Allen, the play with the added angel choir WORKED.  It was amazing.  Not perfect, but it sounded good and the timing was getting ironed out.  I am thrilled with the opportunity to see God work through these amazing people from Lazy Mountain Bible Church.