Thursday, January 31, 2013

Results are in...

Waiting is so hard.  However, God has been so gracious and gave me a focused heart on Him.  I told God that if he did allow me to go down the road of cancer to bring others to Him or to refine my character, so be it.  Today, I was reminded about the strange story in the Bible when Jesus causes the unfruitful fig tree to wilt.  The disciples were amazed.  He responded, "if you have faith and do not doubt, ask."  I asked God to help me to have faith.  

So, it was ruled benign.  NO CANCER.  Just a follow up next year.  *insert dancing

Some interesting tidbits.  I have been teaching/facilitating a class called "Words that Hurt, Words that Heal" because of my mouth that can spurt out some unkind words to my dear children.  I hurt when I think of the damage that a word can bring.  Well, for the past 2 1/2 weeks since this "scare", my words have been kind, edifying, and sincere.  I am thankful for the way the Lord used this time to purify and remind me of the impact that my words have on the ones I love.

Thankful for others who have walked this journey ahead of me and the encouragement that many in our Church family has extended to our family and me.  

I am also (now) aware of those who are still in the cancer zone and I have a new realization of the  controlling and overwhelming aspect that cancer can bring to ones mind.  I might have escaped this one, but as a fellow sister in Christ, when one is hurting, we all hurt.  

Praise God, but continue to pray that others will see Victory in Him!