Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life dosen't stop

A little bit of a rewind...

During Christmas break, our family was attacked.  Not by a burglar but by the flu virus. It engulfed our bodies and made us all -be still.  When healthy, I often look at being sick and not going out a great time to read books or doing quiet things at home. However, when this hit our family. We did nothing.

Sadly, we got better right before school started on Monday.  Yes, I know that we homeschool and we could of skipped a few days.  However, I like doing school when it is dark and cold.  It takes all the will power in the world to do school when Alaska spring/summer comes.  I rather "play" then.

Feeling better, James and I picked out a "sassy" haircut.  I bought a $10 groupon and tried Sheer Fire Hair design in Palmer, AK.  She slowly took off many inches and over an hour later, I came out- sassy.:)

After James and I started to enjoy skate-skiing, we decided this year our kids should as well.  So they are signed up for Mat-Su Jr. Nordics with the amazing coach Dave.  So far, Max loves it. Bronwyn is liking it.  Hannah is loathing it.

Max & Bronwyn received patches from a great program called "Pioneer Clubs" at Lazy Mt. Bible Church.

Thankfully Linda Moyer and Laurie Dahms hosted a taco party for the sunday school girls.  It was easy to connect and meet the parents of Bronwyn's classmates.

Willow got mentioned in the valley Newspaper as she was skiing with me at Winter Trails Day at Hatcher Pass.  I was pictured, but they didn't know my name.

We ended off the week with a Family Outing to Anchorage.  It included some bookstores, shops, and concluded with a viewing of Wreck it Ralph at the infamous Bears Tooth.

using the FORCE

I spent the morning finishing up the study on Complaining from "Words that Hurt, Words that Heal".  I am so encouraged by the many women who have come to give control of their words to Jesus.  It has been a very interesting study and I plan on putting the notes and articles that supplement the study on this blog.

Need to go enjoy God's Creation with James and friends while we tackle the ski trails.