Tuesday, December 4, 2012

rotten calendar makes for Fun

"These are a lot more fun with candy," replied Hannah.

Well, the background of the story was that I found some amazing advent calendar earlier this year and stored them.  However, after the long expectant day (December 1st) came, but the chocolate on day one was rotten.

You see for the past 6 years I have followed the Jesse Tree Advent Calendar.  I have done a mixture from different websites.  Ann Voskamp has one a free one.  I also like this one from the Reform Church Jesse Tree.

*I hand made each one by stitching and adding little things (shells).

*I also made a set by using a color printer and laminating the icons.  I glued them to a foam backing.

This year, I was about to go through the readings.  But, James suggested that we could skip this year.  Disappointed, but knowing that we are finishing up the bible in a year.  I submitted.

Now, I need to replace a chocolate advent calendar, but we live in Palmer.  I couldn't find one.  So, I got clever.  I remembered my Jesse Tree advent calendar.  So, I let the girls pick the days ornament.  They need to tell the family the story and the significance to Jesus' Birthday.  Then they get to pick out their favorite chocolate out of the basket.

Hence, Hannah's appropriate comment. "These are a lot more fun with candy," replied Hannah.

I love that they are teaching me and the traditions still stands.