Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Exercise

Last year, I was so glad to learn how to Skate Ski.  It is kinda like rollerblading on skis. Fast and Fun. However, we have NO SNOW.  I am not complaining. Creativity had to be implimented in keeping my heart in shape.

1)  Get a friend to explore trails.  No mud, no mosquitos.

2) Go to thick forested places or the Butte if it is windy to run.  *always use a face mask

3) Run with the beast ie. Willow the Great Dane.  She always wants to go for an adventure.

4) Watch and join in with James to fight the bad guys on Kung Foo on the Kinect.

5) Make friends with Annie Rowland and go where she tells you to go. Even if it is a frozen lake.  (nothing keeps her still)  *looks like snow, but it is a type of frost with a dusting of snow.

6) On Black Friday, purchase "The Biggest Loser- Ultimate Workout" and use it for the Kinect Xbox.

I am very thankful for the last one as the winds have been up to 50 mph.