Thursday, December 6, 2012


It has been one year since we have been in our home in Palmer, Alaska.  I was speaking to a new friend Serenity who just moved in their home.  She had photos on the wall.  I was so impressed.  She just moved in.

I procrastinate.  However, since James went to Atlanta for a small group conference, I decided it was time to get finished some of the minor details around the home.  PHOTOS!

I put up our photos and other wall hangings. It was similar to a walk down memory lane as I went through many years of photos from South Africa.  Now, I can see reminders of our life then all around us.

Let us not give up.  Grading Grammar is another one.  However, since I put it off for three weeks.  It almost brought me more anxiety as the next day ended and I didn't do it.  So, like I have read so many times.  Do the thing you dread first.  I did it yesterday.  YEAH!  It only took me 15 minutes.

We entered "braces-land"as Bronwyn is sporting her new do. Oh, and I did find Bronwyn's dedication page from her book "Happily Ever After: a horse story"
I dedicate this book to my Mom because she typed it all out when I sat around eating apples.