Friday, December 7, 2012

No more box trees...We hunt them in Alaska

Last year, we put up a boxed Christmas Tree.  However, since we have high ceilings it looked a bit small.  
So, we decided to HUNT our tree this year.  
We were well equipped with saw, ax, and sled. We drove by nice trees and decided to leave them standing (because they were in peoples yards).   We came to the field and were able to drive deep into the forrest because of the LACK OF SNOW!!!

It took 6 minutes from the time we left the car until we located our PRIZE LIVING ORGANISM. 

A few chops and Bronwyn starts to drag it to the sled.

Max "I think it was great and the tree was lighter than expected for its size".

Bronwyn was helpful for this amazing photo.  I love that James' head is cut off.  *a little higher next time Bronwyn.  

The MIGHTY hunters and their kill

Amazing Moon at 4 pm as we were racing against the darkness.

It fit with a few boughs to interact with for the drive home (15 minutes).

Willow found her new place.

Hannah's turn for the Angel.  

Merry Christmas Everyone!