Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Uniqueness of our home

Uniqueness Encouraged.

Today, I spent time cuddled up with Bronwyn reading together under the blanket and comfy chair.  During the independent time, Max was doing laps around the couch between words on his spelling test.  Brownyn was singing a musical while doing her typing with the music so loud I could hear the melody leaking out of the headphones.  Hannah was busy memorizing a sonnet by reciting it out loud with eloquence and drama from William Shakespeare that she picked out.

Did I mention that it was all happening simultaneously in my living room?

We also spent some time around a table and making a blood cell with redhots, sprinkles, and a white jelly bean.  The absolute uniqueness of a Creator God who has a built in recycling center of iron is phenomenal.  I love learning with them.

I lost my temper because of being interrupted.  However, the lessons of forgiveness and grace are important even if I need to humble myself.

The kids ended their day of school playing games at a friend house while I knitted.  After a quick run up a mountain trail with encouraging words from a dear friend.  God is soo good.

We came home to listen to James read to them an epic novel. Thank you for days like these.  The dedication page was added to their books. (of course, I can't find Bronwyn's work...)

by Max Embree

To James. For teaching me that Legos are fun.

I dedicate this book to Ella Embree my super teacher Mom

Dance, Travel, The Grand Canyon, and Pasta

By Hannah Xaris Embree