Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why I love MK's.

A MK is an abbreviation of the term Missionary Kid.  When we went to South Africa as missionaries, we were closer in age to the MK's than the other missionaries.

We read lots of books, articles about raising MK's as now we were having three.  I loved how easily they can see the world in a new an interesting way without the culture baggage of just one culture, but seeing the beauty or the pain in other cultures.

MK's are generally over-achievers and passionate about Jesus.  Some of the best times in South Africa was with the other MK's at a FREE Tree63 concert on the beach or a scrap-booking weekend when the other MK's came over and we laughed.

When we went to Guatemala guess what...I fell in love with another MK.  Her name is Haven.  She loved my sparkly shoes and wondered why I didn't wear them at the construction site. In the village, it took about 10 minutes, and she had gang of little girls playing games and smiling with them. It reminded me how easy it is for children to connect with others.  I remember my little Hannah wanting to be Indian with the long black hair.  (She still wants to have a black hair to this day).  Back with Haven at her home, we spent time laying on the concrete and guessing the name of the stars.  I told her that God knows their name.  She asked why? He is very smart, I declared.

Well, the reasons why I am posting this is for prayer.  One of the biggest challenge that MK's face is identity.  Would you take time today to pray for the Missionary Kids that you know would firmly know their identity in Christ.  That they don't have to live on a bridge between two cultures but to be firmly established in the ROCK that never changes.  That the tension they feel is because we long for our perfect heavenly home where there is not goodbyes at both airports.

Thank you Lord for letting me love little Haven.