Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Love Missions? Love a Missionary

Well, I did it.  I invited a total stranger to my home last night.  When Bill Harris left, he was no longer a stranger working in some strange place.  Please consider opening your home to servants of the Lord.


One of our personal highlights as a family while being in missions for about 10 years is the variety of dinners we had around various tables throughout the USA.  We would see the children and expose our strengths and weaknesses with other followers of Christ.  Often it was those personal conversations that imbedded people in our hearts and prayers for the next time we would come around.

and if you don't cook you can always invite them out to Moose's Tooth!
I remember laughing at the breakfast table at the Liefelds when they exposed their cereal box size bowls and 44 oz coffee mug.  America was SUPER SIZED to us!

But now, we are on the other end.  No longer serving cross culturally, we are called to encourage, pray and promote missions.  Our church supports many missionaries.  However, when the opportunity to have a visiting missionary for a meal I said YES.

We had such a refreshing evening.  Our children asked questions (I had them think of them prior to the meal).  Good questions that they were interested in.  Then we talked and dreamed what it would take to be more outreach orientated here in the Mat-Su Valley.  I loved the idea of having a small group try out the various spiritual gifts to see which one fits.  I learned about the hard time of caring for aging parents.  

We all were better equipped to pray for one another.  So, like I yelled, if you like missions or want to serve overseas, love on a missionary and get to know them better.