Thursday, April 5, 2012

Purple Tongue

Eating sugar was causing my mouth pain.  I then noticed I had a cut on my tongue.  Ugh, now a white tongue.  I was thinking I just bit the side of my mouth.  After asking a nurse friend of mine-thrush.  So, the otc worker gave me a great thing to kill the infection but, it makes my tongue PURPLE.  Rainbow Bright and me have more in common than ever before.

Now, for the time being, I need to rid my body of sugar, pasta, dairy, processed foods & starches.  As James puts it, I can eat nothing (not true) But, it is also a good time to practice self-control and the danger of gluttony.  I want to be healthy and live long in the Land the Lord has given me.  

Please pray for self control and a dependence on Christ.